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Your gums are the foundation to your smile. The healthier your gums, the healthier your overall oral health. Periodontics is the field of dentistry concerned with maintaining the health of your gums and supporting structures, including treating and preventing gum disease.


Gum disease is the leading cause for tooth loss in the UK, so preventing and treating the condition is essential for your smile. Regular interdental cleaning on top of your routine brushing does much of the hard work, keeping your mouth bacteria-free. However, it’s the trips to the hygienist chair that keeps on top of the condition, as your hygienist can assess the condition and keep an eye on your gum health.

At Smilepod, we have a gold standard of hygiene treatments as we know just how important gum health is. We have many different hygiene packages offering different levels of cleaning.

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Meet our Periodontist

Dr Anju Kumar
GDC: 83479
BDS, MClinDent (Perio), MPerio RCS Edin

Dr Anju qualified from the University of Birmingham in 2004, and followed this with a year working at Guy’s Kings and St Thomas’ Dental Institute. She then spent several years in general practice whilst also working as a clinical teacher in dental radiography and radiology at Guy’s Hospital.

In 2009, she embarked on a specialist training program in Periodontology at King’s College London based at Guy’s Hospital. She is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, European Federation of Periodontology and the British Society of Periodontology.

Anju has a wealth of experience treating complex cases and has a particular interest in the management of the most severe gum problems and overgrowth in people. She also has experience in managing failing implants. If your gums are receding, bleeding, swollen or uncomfortable or you’ve been told you have gum disease then Dr Anju can help.

In addition to managing gum disease around teeth and dental implants, Anju also offers solutions to address gum recession. She is one of the few dentists in the UK to perform Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, following training in the USA. This is a non-surgical alternative to gum grafting that can cover large areas of recession without the need for any surgery.

She has a passion for what she does and uses the latest research and advances to lead with a minimally invasive approach thus reducing the need for complex surgery.

In her spare time Anju loves travelling and exploring new places and cultures. She enjoys reading about the history of art and is currently working her way through a list of art works to visit!

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