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Welcome to Smilepod Jubilee Place, where we provide the highest quality dental care in the bustling Canary Wharf Mezzanine Level. Our dental clinic in Jubilee Place delivers a vast range of general and cosmetic treatments, providing essential dental care to city workers in Canary Wharf.

At our dental clinic in Jubilee Place, we take gum disease seriously. On top of providing an extensive range of hygienist packages, we also have a specialist periodontist who can control gum disease and protect your smile. Our dentists in our Jubilee Place clinic offer orthodontic treatments, both Invisalign and traditional fixed braces and a full range of anti-ageing aesthetic treatments. You can enquire about our full range of treatments by visiting the treatments page on our website.

Welcome from our practice manager…

My name is Ineta, I am the manager at Smilepod Jubilee Place in Canary Wharf.

I work with an amazing team of dentists, hygienists and dental nurses and I’ve been here since 2015. I’m here to make sure your experience is as good as it can be and that you are well taken care of from the moment you walk through our door to the moment you leave.

My aim is to provide our clients with the best customer service, whether this is admin related or clinical. I will always do my best to help you. I know people can be worried about visiting the dentist but looking after your teeth is so important.

About the practice

Our dental clinic in Jubilee Place can be found in Canary Wharf’s famous shopping centre, giving our clients the opportunity to come for their treatments and go shopping afterwards. Our location is very convenient for busy workers who can visit during lunch breaks, or before and after work.

As well as caring for your oral health, our dentists in Jubilee Place also help our client’s confidence – we are delighted to offer teeth whitening, Invisalign, orthodontics and facial aesthetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.

At the practice

  • Flexible opening hours to help busy patients get the care they deserve
  • Specialist periodontal care to treat all levels of gum disease
  •  A range of cosmetic dentistry including whitening, veneers and Invisalign
  • Invisible teeth straightening treatments
  •  Anti-ageing injectables/fillers offered by healthcare professionals
  • Dental hygienist appointments without a long wait

The Dental team at Smilepod Jubilee Place

Quality of service is key at Canary Wharf and we make sure we provide the best possible care by having the best possible people working with us.

From our dentists, hygienists, dental nurses, and our support team we all strive to offer the best care.

Our team at Jubliee Place


Dr Anju Kumar (Periodontist)
Dr Amritraj Singh Jabbal (Orthodontist)


Dr Karen Orempuller
Dr Carolina Rinaldi
Erica Zelesco
Dr Michel Furtado

Dentist with special interest in Orthodontics

Dr Debora Pardo Gutierrez

Dental Therapists

Rodrigo Takaki

Dental Nurses

Melinda Bokor
Lica Atesoaie
Subasna Gurung
Doina Crudu

Studio Managers

Ineta Kokorisa

Dr Anju Kumar


GDC: 83479

Hi, I’m Anju and I am Smilepod’s Specialist Periodontist. You can find me at any of our Bank, Canary Wharf or Holborn locations.

I was drawn to Periodontology, which is the study of the gums, because of the way it brings together our general health with conditions that affect the gums.

I absolutely love what I do and even after all these years I’m still amazed at the ability of the gums to repair and heal.

I have a particular interest in treating the more advanced cases of gum disease and failing implants. It’s hard to believe that gum disease that may have affected somebody’s life for many years can be treated effectively with just several short appointments.

To be healthy you don’t want inflammation in any part of your body, including your gums. So if you want to live a truly healthy lifestyle, then you must focus on the gums.

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Dr Raj Jabbal

Specialist Orthodontist

GDC: 170889

“My interests focus on adult orthodontics and attaining the balance between speed, efficiency and stability of treatment and aesthetics during the procedure. “

My name is Raj, I’m your friendly neighbourhood orthodontist! I studied orthodontics at Kings College London and have a Membership in Orthodontics with the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. My interests focus on adult orthodontics and attaining the balance between speed, efficiency and stability of treatment and aesthetics during the procedure.

I love orthodontics and it is more than a career! It harnesses both the functional aspects of the oral environment and the beauty of the human condition. Patients contemplating orthodontics should take the step to have a consultation. The decision can only be made once all the information has been considered as contemporary options have revolutionised the aesthetics and efficiency of modern orthodontics.

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Karen Orempuller


GDC: 190488

Hi, I’m Karen and I’ve worked at Smilepod since 2011. I started as a dentist in Covent Garden in 2012 and then moved to Canary Wharf. I am qualified in dentistry, and I have a post-graduate in orthodontics. I have also studied facial aesthetics which includes injectable treatments.
I moved from Brazil where I was a dentist and I speak English, Portuguese and some Spanish. I grew up in a family who worked in dentistry and from a young age, I was interested in what they did. I like using my hands and being precise.

Smilepod is a great place to visit and work because everyone is very friendly and passionate about what they do. it’s a very healthy atmosphere which creates a very caring culture.

If I could tell clients one thing it would avoid too much acidic food. If you are drinking wine try following it with a glass of water or some cheese or milk. If you have something acidic like wine or orange juice leave it 30 minutes before you clean your teeth. Brushing immediately can actually cause dental damage as acidic foods weaken the tooth enamel These acids weaken tooth enamel and brushing too soon can remove that enamel.

If clients are scared of the dentist I would tell them to try and relax. We are very nice and we will explain the whole journey before anything is done. there is no pressure to do anything but we will make sure you have the right advice to take the best care of your teeth and gums. We are very professional and conservative dentists here we won’t do any unnecessary treatment.
For me, part of my role is taking the time to get to know my clients and find out what they want from me as their dentist. I really enjoy helping my client improve their health and confidence. Taking the time to build rapport is well worth it as I get to talk to interesting people all day long. I am passionate about building relationships with my clients and many of them return to me again and again.

In addition to dentistry, I love rejuvenation as it is a wonderful way of making someone feel good about themselves. It’s so nice to see patients leaving feeling positive about the results. we are professionals trained to deal with unexpected scenarios and ensuring we are offering safe treatment. We make sure the results are subtle and not artificial. As a dentist, we are very precise and skilled. The idea with rejuvenation is to restore what time has taken away not to create an unnatural result.

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Dr Carolina Rinaldi


GDC: 186870

Hello and thanks for reading about me ? I am a dentist and a mom of two gorgeous little girls thus I proudly juggle my time in between my family and my beloved job.

I have always dreamed of being a health professional as a child. I thought it was beautiful to be able to take care of people somehow. I love it when I can help my patients to feel better about themselves, when I get them out of pain, or when I can successfully restore their oral health (which reflects in their general health after all). I offer an open and reassuring approach to my clients and offer friendly advice with no judgement.

What is great about our studio is that we all think alike: our priority is our Clients’ welfare and satisfaction. Always!

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Dr Michel Furtado

Dr Michel Furtado


GDC: 147381

Dr Michel Furtado qualified from UTP Brazil in 2001 and has been practicing in London since 2008.

Well experienced in all areas of Dentistry Dr Michel is Post Graduated in Dental Implantology, Cosmetic Dentistry and is a Certified Invisalign Provider.

Dr Michel is passionate about equipping his patient with knowledge on how to maintain and improve their Oral Health as well as getting them involved in their treatment plans so that they can make well informed decisions towards improving their smile.

On his spare time Dr Michel loves working out, jogging and travelling.

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Dr Debora Pardo Gutierrez

Dr Debora Pardo Gutierrez

Dentist with special interest in Orthodontics

Dr Debora Gutierrez has been practising dentistry for 18 years after graduating from the Brazil Metodista University of Sao Paulo. She received her postgraduate diploma from the University of Sao Paulo and her speciality in Orthodontics from the United Colleges of Minas.

Dr Gutierrez is certified in Invisalign, the Lingual System, Self-Ligating Braces, DatSteel Anchorage, Advanced Toxins, and Fillers.

Dr Debora found her love of dentistry and orthodontics through her own childhood treatment. Her new smile gave her more confidence than she could have imagined and she now strives to give the gift of a great smile to others.

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Ineta Kokorisa

Studio Manager

GDC: 273254

In 2015, Ineta became a valuable member of our team. Initially starting as a dental assistant, she quickly developed a deep passion for dentistry. This newfound passion motivated her to pursue further education and ultimately led her to become a Dental Practice Manager. With a career spanning back to 2004 in the public sector and a managerial background since 2009, Ineta brings a wealth of experience to her role.

Ineta’s personality is characterized by cheerfulness and a friendly, chatty demeanor. Her exceptional organizational skills, combined with her innate politeness, make her a standout team member. Demonstrating impressive leadership and communication abilities, Ineta was appointed as an assistant manager at our bustling Canada Place studio in Canary Wharf. In 2020, she assumed the role of manager at Smilepod Jubilee Place.

Ineta is a dedicated and self-motivated individual with a strong work ethic. She excels in delivering exceptional customer service, and behind her warm smile is a genuine commitment to building meaningful connections with our patients. Her primary focus is ensuring that our patients receive top-notch service and personal attention from the moment they walk through our front door. Ineta’s favorite aspect of her job is providing patients with the gift of excellent dental care and the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

She enthusiastically shares, “Every day, I wear a smile on my face because I’m genuinely thrilled with my work. Smilepod is an amazing place to work, surrounded by a wonderful team of people who share a passion for helping others.”

Outside of work, Ineta enjoys indulging her love for reading, traveling, dining out, and spending time outdoors. She places great importance on quality time with her family.

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Opening Hours
Monday:    8:30am – 6.30pm Tuesday:    8:30am – 6.30pm Wednesday:    8:30am – 6.30pm Thursday:    8:30am – 6.30pm Friday:    8:30am – 6.30pm Saturday:    10:00am – 4.00pm

Smilepod is in Jubilee Place Shopping Centre on the Mezzanine level. We are situated just adjacent to Cafe Brera.

From Canary Wharf Jubilee Underground.Exit at Canary Wharf station. Once you go through the ticket gate find an entrance to the Jubilee Place Shopping Mall on your left. Do not go up to the street level; we are inside the shopping mall.Turn left after M.A.C make-up store and follow the corridor until you see escalators on your right. Go up the escalator. Now you should see some restaurants on your left a kiosk on your right. You will need to go up another escalator which is behind the kiosk, to the mezzanine level. Once upstairs you will see a beautician/tanning shop which is the first shop in the row. Smilepod is the last one, behind Cafe Brera.

Latest Reviews
Angi has been my dental hygienist since 2015. I used to very bad gums issues , but with gentle care and teaching Angi was able to support my dental health. She is the best hygienist, highly professional, quick and always on time
Fre S.
Fre S.
I've been coming to Smilepod for years for cosmetic bonding & maintenance. I can't recommend Dr Ana Bosco enough for her expertise, attention to detail and artistry in achieving a natural result. Thank you Dr Ana & the always friendly Smilepod team!
Gianluca B.
Gianluca B.
Katalin is brilliant; really friendly and professional and she did an amazing job of my teeth again. I’m definitely going back to her every time.
Grant G.
Grant G.
I would highly recommend Dr Ana Bosco and the Smilepod team. I undertook extensive treatment: braces; whitening; and finally the replacement of a crown on my front tooth - an area which I had long been self-conscious about. I am absolutely delighted with the results and it was well worth the time and effort. I have received lots of compliments about my smile and the crown matches so well, no one can tell that it isn't real. Thank you so much to Ana and the team!
Scott W.
Scott W.
I think I must have been living under a rock as at the age of 51 I have only just realised what a proper and professional dental check up was like. This is my 1st time at Smilepod Moorgate and Carine was amazing. Considered and thorough. Every stage of the check brilliantly explained and options discussed. Wish I'd found them sooner....
Wayne M.
Wayne M.
One of my favourite things about this clinic is Kate Guti, not only is she an excellent hygienist, but she is funny and gentle. I never have to worry because she’s a professional at her job, I always get amazing results with her. Overall Smilepod is a really great clinic and I’m glad to have discovered it a few years ago.
I found Smile Pod from google search for a tooth cleaning/hygienist appointment. I had a really positive experience with Dr Rodrigo (so much so I wanted to write a review). Will definitely come back and felt very comfortable and in safe hands. Happy with the results. The appointment was made on the same day which was an added benefit!
awut A.
awut A.
I can’t recommend Rayna highly enough. She is friendly, professional and thorough. I would not go anywhere else.
Julian D.
Julian D.
I visited this branch recently to receive a hygiene clean and polish by Angie. She was very patient and professional. Angie provided me with some great tips to improve my general hygiene. I highly recommend!
Caroline P.
Caroline P.
I'm always very anxious before seeing a dentistry but Kate was brilliant today!She was very patient, kind and caring, put me in ease straight away!I had a quick and professional cleaning, thanks for the experience Kate!
Anett N.
Anett N.
The best dental cleaning I have ever had!! Kate is really amazing!!
Nabila S.
Nabila S.
I have only good things to say. The staff at Smilepod Holborn are amazing - kind, accommodating, and professional. I looked long and hard before settling on a dentist, and I am glad I did - 5-star, friendly service all around.In particular, Dr. Ana Maria Mackinnon is fabulously skilled and down to earth (with a witty sense of humor). It is not just her level of skill (which is high); it is her approach (solving complex issues in the least invasive way possible). Thank you, Ana Maria!Likewise, Dr. Ana Bosco's work is superb - she perfected my smile. She is also lovely, takes her time with patients, and explains every step along the way. Thanks, Ana!Costs are fair and reasonable for dental services, especially in light of the level of skill.