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Dental Fees - click here to view our Fees »
Dental Examination* (incl. Xray if required)£69
Emergency Treatment to relieve pain*# (incl. Xray if required)£119
Small X-ray (each)£19
Panoral X-ray£69
Small Filling£99
Medium Filling£159
Large Filling£199
Extra Large / Complex Filling / Cosmetic Filling*£279
Root Canal Treatments (non specialist)-
    Incisor & Canine£479
    Fissure Sealant – per tooth£39
Porcelain Crown or Inlay*1£849-£899
Porcelain Bonded Crown*1£749
Gold Crown*1£949
Porcelain Veneer£799
Gold Onlay/Inlay£899
Small Bridge£2,249
Implant Including Crown£2,849
Extraction*#£149 – £279
Surgical Extraction*#£299 – £399

# Includes medication if required.
* Fees may vary in more complex cases and you will be informed before your treatment starts.
1 Crowns, if required post and core £150-£200.

Specialist Root Canal Treatments - click here to view our Fees »
Initial Consultation (deducted from treatment fee)£99
Investigation (to establish if the tooth can be saved)£269
Molar£895 – £929
Molar Requiring Retreatment *£979

*May require 2 appointments (fee includes both visits)

All fees include the necessary X-rays and 6-month review where required. Treatment carried out by our Endodontic Specialist Dr. Daiva.

Ask about payment plan options for treatments over £250.

Teeth cleaning and Hygiene treatment - click here to view our Fees »
Hygiene & Cleaning
The Classic (clean & polish)£75
High Gloss Diamond Polish£95
Smile Styling£149
Smoker’s Makeover£149
Periodontal Specialist Consultation£109
Periodontal treatment per quadrant£239 – £299
Combination Treatments
Classic Combination£135
Diamond Combination£155
Smile Styling Combination£199
Smoker’s Combination£199
White Diamond£359
Duet Diamond£549
Hygiene & Cleaning with Braces
Foundation Clean (before fixing braces)£75
Protection Clean (while wearing braces)£99
They’re Off! (straight teeth clean)£99
Rejuvenate Treatment - click here to view our Fees »
Rejuvenate Treatment
Initial Consultation (worth £45)FREE
Anti-aging Injectables
Initial Consultation (worth £45)FREE
Facial injectables 1 area£199
Facial injectables 2 areas£299
Facial injectables 3 areas£329
Advanced Injectables
Gummy Smile£199
Jaw Tension (TMJ)£299
Dermal Fillers
Lip Enhancement 0.5ml vial£249
Lip Enhancement 1ml vial£349
Additional 1ml vial£249 each
Nasolabial Folds (Nose to Mouth or Marionette) 1ml vial£349
Additional 1ml vial£249 each
Advanced Dermal Fillers
Cheeks, chin, Jawliner trough, Temple 1ml vial£349
Invisalign - click here to view our Fees »
Invisalign Teeth Straightening
Initial Consultation (worth £45)FREE
3D Treatment assesment and movie (deducted from treatment fee)£450
I7 Treatment – up to 7 sets of Aligners. (Includes Vivera Retainers) – Single Arch£1750
I7 Treatment – up to 7 sets of Aligners. (Includes Vivera Retainers) – Dual Arch£1950
Lite Treatment – 8 – 14 sets of Aligners. (Includes Vivera Retainers) – Single Arch£2550
Lite Treatment – 8 – 14 sets of Aligners. (Includes Vivera Retainers) – Dual Arch£2890
Full Treatment – 15 to 30 sets of Aligners. (Includes Retainers)£3790
Each additional Aligner above 30 sets£40
Replacement Aligner (each)£96
Removing, or re-fixing attachments (per arch)£149
Vivera Replacement Retainers (When part of Invisalign treatment)-
    3 Sets Dual Arch£339
    3x Single Arch£299
Whitening - click here to view our Fees »
Initial Consultation (worth £25)FREE
Philips Zoom! At Home Whitening£299
Philips Zoom! Duet Whitening£499
Fixed Braces - click here to view our Fees »
Metal braces
Single Arch£1,995
Dual Arch£2,995
Tooth coloured fixed braces
Single Arch£2,495
Dual Arch£3,595
Combination Braces
Tooth Coloured (upper arch) Metal (lower arch)£3295
lingual hidden braces
Single Arch front 6 teeth£2,995
Full Arch£4,495
Dual Arch front 6 teeth£3,995
Full Arch£6,495
Transfer case£100 per visit
DAMONadditional £500
Vivera Replacement Retainers (When not part of Invisalign treatment)-
    3 Sets Dual Arch£425
    3x Single Arch£375
Essix Retainers-
    Dual Arch (1 set)£299
    Single Arch (1 retainer)£219
Fixed Retainers-
    Dual Arch£425
    Single Arch£325
Custom Made Mouth Guards - click here to view our Fees »
Custom Made Mouth Guards
Sports Guard£199
Protective Guard£299
Grinding Guard (splint)£599
Articulated/Repositioning Guard (splint)£699
Deposit policy - click here to view »

Smilepod dental care will request a deposit for all treatments.

By contacting Smilepod you can change your appointment at no cost if more than two working days before your appointment.

You can cancel your appointment if more than two working days of your appointment and receive a full refund. If your cancellation within two working days or you do not attend your appointment your deposit will be forfeited.


Try to arrive a few minutes before your appointment

A specific time has been set aside for you to see the dentist.

If you are late your treatment time will be cut short so that the next person can be seen on time.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment it may be that we are unable to see you at all on that day and your deposit will be forfeit

Online Bookings - click here to view »

Full payment will be requested when booking online. Your payment will be processed securely by Pay Pal.

You can change your appointment, or cancel your appointment within two working days of your appointment, and receive a full refund via Pay Pal. If you do not attend your appointment your full payment will be forfeited.

Latest Reviews
Sorcha Gavin

As a first time customer , I have to say that I was so happy with the service I received today. Really put at ease by the friendly staff and dentist. Even though it was a quick procedure, it was very thorough. Will definitely be back! Thanks Smilepod.

Mike Halland

Just perfect. Very professional and excellent reception team. The dentist Dr Italo is a master magician! I’ve been many times and all Smilepod dentists and support team are exceptional.

Philip Smith

I was pleased to be able to choose the time for my appointment quickly and when it was convenient to fit to my work schedule. Ana was very knowledgeble and professional, and explained everything clearly to me. After my appointment I felt it was well worth the payment.


Friendly and efficient service, good online booking system. Classic clean thorough and quick. Positive and pleasant practitioner - no nagging or negging to push additional treatments a definite plus.

Julia Engstrom

I would definitely recommend Smilepod Holborn. I was received in a very friendly manner, the treatment was swift but thorough. The result was also beyond my expectations. All in all, an excellent experience.


Excellent service, very efficient and effective. The dentist was friendly and approachable, answered my questions and made recommendations for my daily dental hygiene. Really like it and would definitely recommend it.

Amika Shah

Dr Ana Polidoro is the best! I have visited smilepod holborn twice and both times for an extraction and both times she made me feel very comfortable and she is extremely friendly, quick and professional, making going to the dentist joyful rather than stressful!!