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Orthodontics and Invisalign

Orthodontics and Invisalign

Straight teeth are the basis of a confident and endearing smile. Many of our clients have longed for straight teeth for years. Taking the first step to a perfect smile is easy at Smilepod. We offer Invisalign and fixed braces to achieve the best results. Book a FREE consultation with our Orthodontic Specialist or one of our orthodontic trained dentists. At your consultation, we will discuss the options to suit you, and make sure all your questions are answered.

Fixed Braces Invisalign

Metal braces

These time tested devices are used for full control of your teeth, to produce very precise tooth movement to achieve an ideal result. The braces are bonded to the front surface of the teeth. Their big advantage is that they are less expensive and have a faster treatment time than ceramic braces.

  • Single Arch – £1,995
  • Dual Arch – £2,795

These braces are most commonly made from stainless steel and attached to the teeth using tooth-coloured filling material (composite resin). Care has to be taken eating hard foods as the brackets can be broken, leading to a disruption in treatment. An orthodontic wire (archwire) is tied (or ligated) into the bracket using coloured elastic rings, which can discolour in-between visits. These elastics can be silver coloured to blend in with the appliance or brightly coloured. As treatment progresses the orthodontist will progress to thicker wires, which can place greater force onto the teeth. The braces can easily be removed at the end of treatment leaving the teeth intact.

Tooth-coloured fixed braces

Our orthodontic team offer many of the leading brands of tooth-coloured ceramic braces including Clarity, Glam, Radiance & InVu

  • Single Arch – £2,295
  • Dual Arch – £3,395

Unlike Metal Braces, tooth-coloured fixed braces use tooth-coloured ceramic brackets to blend in with the tooth colour. This produces a more aesthetically pleasing appliance which is a far more attractive option. The orthodontic wires can also be tooth-coloured to help improve the appearance further. Ceramic fixed appliances can be as effective as conventional fixed appliances at achieving tooth movement, but it can take longer to achieve the desired result. Sometimes they are not recommended for the lower teeth if the bite is ‘deep’ because the hard material can damage the opposing teeth that contact the attachments. Ceramic appliances are slightly more difficult to remove than conventional fixed appliances, however, they are unlikely to damage healthy teeth.

Hygiene & cleaning with braces

Beautiful, clean teeth are key to the way we look and feel about ourselves and how others see us. We all try to look after our teeth: we brush, we floss, we use mouthwash regularly, but sometimes that isn’t enough to remove the toughest plaque deposits and give a polished smile.

Smilepod London offers a new approach to dentistry which takes away the irritations of traditional practices to make professional dental care truly accessible for the first time.

Many London dentists typically make you go through the time and cost of an initial dental appointment before referring you to a Hygienist. At Smilepod we don’t do that because all our treatments are carried out by fully qualified, friendly dentists in an attractive salon environment at a time and location which works for you.

Lingual hidden braces

Lingual braces fit discreetly behind your teeth. Our orthodontic team offer the leading brands including Incognito, Lingual 2D, Harmony & In-Ovation

  • Single Arch front 6 teeth £2,895 – Full-Arch 3,995
  • Dual Arch front 6 teeth £3,895 – Full-Arch £5,995

Unlike the metal braces or tooth-coloured braces, lingual braces are attached to the inside surface of the teeth, which makes them invisible to the outside world.
Some clients encounter initial difficulty in speaking, tongue soreness and problems in keeping the appliances clean. The cost of treatment with lingual appliances is more than other braces, which reflects the greater laboratory fees in producing the appliance and the increased time required in the adjustments by the dentist.

Functional Appliances:
These are fixed or removable appliances which are used to correct malocclusions by using facial musculature causing dental (and slight skeletal) changes. These are exclusively for children between 9-14 years old. The patients usually have increased or reduced overjet. Over jets are corrected at a rate of 1mm per month on average. They are usually used for a period of 6-9 months with or without fixed appliances (braces).

These appliances are effective and removable. Somewhat uncomfortable but they do reduce the time the patient would be in braces and also reduce the need to extract teeth. Speech is affected in the early stages, and there is a risk of breaking or losing the appliance.


At the end of all orthodontic treatment, you will be required to wear retainers to stop your teeth moving.

There are two types of retainers, fixed and removable.

Removable retainers are made from clear plastic and fit snugly over your teeth. Fixed retainers are a small thin wire bonded behind the teeth. You dentist will discuss the alternatives towards the end of your treatment.

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