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Fixed price from £1,950

A confident smile makes the world smile with you.

The Smilepod mission is to build true smile confidence through our outstanding range of teeth whitening and dental hygiene services in London.

For a smile that transforms your appearance, Smilepod also offers Invisalign teeth straightening: the easiest and most comfortable way to straighten uneven teeth without anyone even noticing you are wearing braces. You could say Invisalign is all about straightening teeth without braces.

Invisalign consists of a series of nearly invisible, removable braces or aligners that you change regularly as your teeth move into place. Each aligner is individually made to fit you perfectly ensuring maximum comfort. Little by little, as you change each aligner, your teeth move until they have straightened to the final position you agree is right for you.

So start on the right track today, and find out how you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

A key feature of Smilepod is our fixed prices with no hidden extras and Invisalign is no different. During your consultation, we will discuss your options and once we have agreed the treatment plan we will fix the price.

We have a range of treatment payment plans. Please click here for more details.

Full Treatment 15-30 sets of aligners

  • Initial Consultation (worth £45) Free
  • Full Treatment – 15-30 aligners £3,990
  • 3D Treatment Assessment & movie £450
  • Vivera retainers – 3 sets £390
  • Total dual arch £3,990

Lite Treatment dual arch 8-14 sets of aligners

  • Initial Consultation (worth £45) Free
  • Lite Treatment – 8-14 aligners £3,190
  • 3D Treatment Assessment & movie £450
  • Vivera retainers – 3 sets £450
  • Total dual arch £3,190

Lite Treatment single arch 8-14 sets of aligners

  • Initial Consultation (worth £45) Free
  • Lite Treatment – 8-14 aligners £2,750
  • 3D Treatment Assessment & movie £450
  • Vivera retainers – 3 sets £395
  • Total dual arch £2,750

I7 Treatment

  • (includes 3D treatment assessment & movie plus retainers
  • Initial Consultation (worth £45) Free
  • I7 Treatment – Duel Arch (Up to 7 aligners) Includes Vivera retainers £2,150
  • I7 Treatment – Single Arch (Up to 7 aligners) Includes Vivera retainers £1,950

Further Options

  • Each additional set after 30 aligners £40 each
  • Missed appointments, or cancelled within 2 working days £50
  • Replacement Aligner £96 each
  • Refinement Treatment £349 each
  • Removing, or re-fixing attachments (per arch) £149 each
  • Vivera Replacement Retainers (when part of Invisalign treatment)
  • 3 Sets Dual Arch £339
  • 3x Single Arch £299

Approximate Time Scales

Week 1: FREE Initial Consultation (worth £45)

During your consultation, our Invisalign trained professionals will listen to you and advise on how you can achieve the smile you have always wanted. We will explain how the Invisalign invisible braces tooth straightening system works and discuss if it is right for you.

Week 2: Impressions and X-Rays

X-rays are taken at our specialist partner clinic and, which together with impressions of your teeth are sent to Invisalign for treatment planning.

Week 4: Discuss Treatment Plan with your Smilepod Clinician

At this appointment, your treatment plan is discussed and if you like the end result we create your Aligners. Your Smilepod price is fixed, however, treatments times vary from person to person so we will discuss your payment schedule at this visit too.

Week 6/7: First Aligners Fitted
Welcome to the world of invisible braces! Your first Aligner is fitted and at the same appointment your standing order is set up to cover the remaining cost of your treatment, or a credit card payment is taken to cover the full outstanding cost of your treatment.

Weeks 8 Onwards: Regular Reviews in line with Treatment Plan
Through your programme, we will identify appropriate review points to make sure that your journey is on track.

End of Plan
Congratulations! Now is the time to sit back and smile. When you’re finished wearing each aligner in the series, your treatment will be complete and you will have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Straightening teeth with almost invisible braces in London is now possible.

Further Reading

Innovative teeth straightening in London is offered by Smilepod’s dental hygiene experts alongside their teeth whitening and teeth cleaning services.

The perfect smile you have always wanted is easier and more comfortable than you think through the Invisalign system – an exciting and fun alternative to traditional braces.
Invisalign in London works through a series of almost invisible braces – or aligners – which you remove to eat, drink, floss and brush. Change them every two weeks for a new set and your teeth will move gently into the position you desire.

Each aligner is individually made to fit perfectly and this system gives you teeth straightening in London which won’t impact on your lifestyle in the way some people report that traditional teeth braces often do.

Our expert, qualified staff can ensure that you get the best advice at an initial free consultation. A fixed price will then be agreed for your teeth straightening treatment so you know exactly what you will be paying overall.

Teeth straightening in London is offered at Smilepod’s five clinics – at Bank, Canary Wharf, Moorgate and Soho.

Our specialist staff manage Invisalign in London for Smilepod – meaning that you are in safe hands. Our clinics are warm and welcoming with the relaxed informal feel of a beauty salon – removing any fear you may have of treatment in a traditional dental hygienist or dentist’s room.

There are no drills and no pain and you can enjoy wearing Invisalign in London knowing that you are moving close to a more even and confident smile.

Latest Reviews
I saw Mihaela yesterday for a classic hygienist appointment. I can’t praise her more highly. She was professional and gentle and explained everything as she was doing it. Thank you.
Joanna S.
Joanna S.
20:54 15 Jun 22
Amazing service from Roshni at Smilepod Canada Place. Very gentle and thorough teeth cleaning. Thanks again!
Camille L.
Camille L.
10:32 20 May 22
Roshni was excellent in looking after my partner Sam ! He couldn’t praise her enough for an excellent work
Elsie R.
Elsie R.
19:35 16 May 22
I cannot speak highly enough of Smilepod Soho. I went for cleaning and polish by Michaela. From the moment I walked in, the receptionist was extremely warm and friendly and welcoming. Michaela cleaned my teeth, and whilst they are not in the best shape, she was non judgemental, and probably one of the loveliest dentists I’ve ever had in my life. I’m so glad I took the first step to get my teeth fixed. I have already booked my follow-up appointment for next time. What an amazing place.
Aaron H.
Aaron H.
12:42 09 May 22
Had a fantastic experience with both a hygienist and a dental check up at Smilepod Soho! The best dentist in London by far.
Rhys H.
Rhys H.
10:47 27 Apr 22
I had a very good experience at Smilepod Canada Place, getting a check-up and classic cleaning done.Dr Adelina Haas and Prabina (Dental Nurse) put me at ease, and I felt quite relaxed during the appointment which is a feeling that most people would not associate with dental appointments. They were very nice, asking me lots of questions, and explained what they were going to do.I am due back for a filling in a few weeks time. I hope it goes as well
Kai W
Kai W
09:22 20 Apr 22
I had my teeth cleaning and diamond polish done by Dentist Roshni Goel. She is really sweet and gentle throughout the procedure. I barely had any discomfort while getting the cleaning done. She takes you through the whole process in detail and is very sweet to answer all your queries with patience. The only con is that the prices at Smilepod are quite high but I do recommend Hygienist Roshni Goel. Overall a great job done!
Gaurika C.
Gaurika C.
14:17 04 Apr 22
I got a cleaning there last week and it was phenomenal with Erika!After the cleaning I had some issues involving my wire and had to come back, they fixed everything up for free and gave me a little brush to help and did another mini cleaning of my bottom teeth. I was extremely happy about this kind of treatment, super happy to call them my dentists.
Hunter L.
Hunter L.
16:35 22 Mar 22
Really positive experience with hygienist Roshni Goel. My teeth are quite sensitive and she took utmost care during the cleaning; I didn’t feel much pain even with such sensitive teeth.
Vivek S.
Vivek S.
17:40 19 Mar 22
I am not fan of having hygiene appointments as my teeth are rather sensitive. Roshni Goel, the hygienist at Canada Place, took care of me beautifully by accommodating manual and mechanical clean interchangeably to minimize my distress. And this was highly important given my pregnancy. Going to send my husband to her!
Julia W.
Julia W.
21:37 16 Mar 22
Had an appointment with hygienist Stephanie, the results were amazing and she gave lots of great advice.
18:56 15 Mar 22
Went for the Diamond polish. Inga, who is the hygienist specialist, was very professional and friendly. It was my first dentist appointment after 7 years and Inga did an exceptional job. I had all the hard plaque/tartar removed, including the stains I had from smoking! My teeth looks all fresh and clean. Inga also provided some great advice as well as providing me with couple of tiny brushes for me to clean areas that are in-between my teeth :) Highly recommend Inga for hygiene clean and polish.
Shah A.
Shah A.
17:36 15 Mar 22