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Canada Place Dental Clinic

Canary Wharf, E14 5HX

We deliver a host of exceptional dental treatments from our dental Studio at Canada Place, London Canary Wharf.. Our services range from diamond-standard cleans performed by our talented hygienists, a full range of dental treatments to bespoke facial aesthetic consultations, we offer all you need to feel good about your smile. Book an appointment now at our dental clinic in Canada Place.

Getting to our dental clinic in Canary Wharf couldn’t be easier. Our Studio in Canary Wharf, Canada Place, is close to both Canary Wharf Jubilee Line tube and DLR station and many bus routes from all across London. It’s a perfect place for people in Canary Wharf to receive the care they deserve from the friendliest dentists in London. If you have limited time to visit the dentist, let us work around your busy schedule, why not visit us on your lunch break or after work?

Welcome from our practice manager…

Hi my name is Sheela and I am the Studio manager of Smilepod Canada Place, Canary Wharf. I’ve been working for Smilepod since 2012.

We have a friendly team of dentists, hygienists, nurses and receptionists who are always there to help you regarding your dental needs, which is why I love working as part of a team at Smilepod.

As one of only two Smilepod dental studios in the Wharf area, we are often called on for emergency appointments. We also have a large number of clients who come and see us for regular hygiene cleans. We provide general dentistry, hygiene treatments, orthodontic Invisalign treatment and facial rejuvenating services. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as whitening and straightening, are also very popular along with the facial rejuvenation treatments.

Feel free to meet me and my team at Smilepod Canada Place, Canary Wharf as we are always here to help.

About the practice

Our dental Studio is located in Canary Wharf’s famous shopping centre. Our centralised location means that many of our clients visit our dental clinic, have our experts treat them, and then walk straight into the shops afterwards. Our location is very convenient for busy workers who can visit during lunch breaks, before or after work.

As well as caring for our client’s oral health, we also love contributing to the improvement of our client’s confidence and self-esteem – we are delighted to offer expert Teeth Whitening, Invisalign, Orthodontics and facial aesthetic treatments including anti-wrinkle injectables and fillers, all performed by our expert dentists.

At the practice

  • Flexible opening hours to help busy patients get the care they deserve
  • Specialist periodontal care to treat all levels of gum disease
  • A range of cosmetic dentistry including whitening, veneers and Invisalign
  • Invisible teeth straightening treatments
  • Anti-ageing injectables/fillers offered by healthcare professionals
  • Dental hygienist appointments without a long wait

The Dental team at Smilepod Canada Place

Our Canada Place Canary Wharf dental clinic (inside Canary Wharf shopping Mall) is run by a team of highly qualified, expert dentists, dental nurses and support staff, all working to ensure you receive the best quality dental care in the fast-paced corporate Canary Wharf.

At Canada Place dental clinic, Sheela, our Studio manager, will ensure you receive the best possible customer service from the moment you walk through the door. Sheela is assisted by a qualified team of dentists and hygienists supported by experienced highly trained dental nurses. You are certainly in safe hands whilst undergoing treatment with our team at SmilePod Canada place.

Many of the dentists who you will see at Smilepod Canada Place also work at other Smilepod Studios. So if your dentist is unavailable in Canary Wharf do check which other locations they work at and you might be able to transfer to another studio around the city. If you are not able to book-in with a specific dentist, don’t worry as all Smilepod dentists are friendly, helpful and highly qualified in their dental specialism.

Cristina Diaz


GDC: 161746

Hi, I’m Cris one of your friendly Smilepod dentists. I’m a very enthusiastic dentist with a special interest in restorative, implantology and paediatrics dentistry. I started in Soho just after it was opened in 2015 and now I split my time between Soho and Canary Wharf.

Apart from English, I speak Spanish (native language) Basque language and basic Portuguese and Italian. For me, the most important part of my job is seeing my clients leave me feeling more confident in their smile.

Read my full biography

Dr Glaucia Minei


GDC: 137156

I have a lot of clients who are quite phobic of dentists in general if you are worried I will work very hard to put you at your ease. I am passionate about making dentistry efficient and convenient but also gentle and non-threatening.

Hi, my name is Glaucia and I am one of the many Brazilian dentists you will find at Smilepod. I am one of the first dentists ever to join the Smilepod team. My philosophy is to create a relaxing experience when you come to see me as your dentist. I have a lot of clients who are quite phobic of dentists in general. If you are worried, I will work very hard to put you at ease. I am passionate about making dentistry, efficient and convenient but also gentle and non-threatening. Cosmetic work including whitening, straightening and Botox are my favourite things to do.

The greatest thing about working at Smilepod is the very caring and well-trained team without the feeling of a traditional scary dental surgery. The ambience is very different from any other places I have worked, very enjoyable and helpful. This is the main reason I have worked for this company for so long and believe is also why my clients are always coming back.

Read my full biography

Angi Toth


GDC: 215925

Angi originally studied Economics but came to London 13 years ago in search of travel and adventure. After travelling the world for a year, she started a job as treatment coordinator at a dental practice and then joined Smilepod as a dental assistant. She qualified as a CQC registered manager at Smilepod Soho’s studio and then in 2017 became Smilepod’s first dental hygienist.

Having a great knowledge and understanding of all aspects of dentistry, Angi is a very empathic, outgoing and caring hygienist who can deal very well with the most anxious patients putting them at ease. She will give you tips on how to achieve the best possible oral care at home and make you feel great about your smile.

Read my full biography

Opening Hours
Monday:    9:00am – 4.00pm Tuesday:    9:00am – 5.00pm Wednesday:    9:00am – 4.00pm Thursday:    9:00am – 5.00pm Friday:    9:00am – 4.00pm Saturday:    10:00am – 4.00pm

Smilepod is in Canada Place one level down from street level within the shopping Mall. We’re not at street level so to find us, turn left at Waitrose Food and Home at Mall level from the car parks and street lifts.

Latest Reviews
Roshni was excellent in looking after my partner Sam ! He couldn’t praise her enough for an excellent work
Elsie R.
Elsie R.
19:35 16 May 22
I cannot speak highly enough of Smilepod Soho. I went for cleaning and polish by Michaela. From the moment I walked in, the receptionist was extremely warm and friendly and welcoming. Michaela cleaned my teeth, and whilst they are not in the best shape, she was non judgemental, and probably one of the loveliest dentists I’ve ever had in my life. I’m so glad I took the first step to get my teeth fixed. I have already booked my follow-up appointment for next time. What an amazing place.
Aaron H.
Aaron H.
12:42 09 May 22
Had a fantastic experience with both a hygienist and a dental check up at Smilepod Soho! The best dentist in London by far.
Rhys H.
Rhys H.
10:47 27 Apr 22
I had a very good experience at Smilepod Canada Place, getting a check-up and classic cleaning done.Dr Adelina Haas and Prabina (Dental Nurse) put me at ease, and I felt quite relaxed during the appointment which is a feeling that most people would not associate with dental appointments. They were very nice, asking me lots of questions, and explained what they were going to do.I am due back for a filling in a few weeks time. I hope it goes as well
Kai W
Kai W
09:22 20 Apr 22
I had my teeth cleaning and diamond polish done by Dentist Roshni Goel. She is really sweet and gentle throughout the procedure. I barely had any discomfort while getting the cleaning done. She takes you through the whole process in detail and is very sweet to answer all your queries with patience. The only con is that the prices at Smilepod are quite high but I do recommend Hygienist Roshni Goel. Overall a great job done!
Gaurika C.
Gaurika C.
14:17 04 Apr 22
I got a cleaning there last week and it was phenomenal with Erika!After the cleaning I had some issues involving my wire and had to come back, they fixed everything up for free and gave me a little brush to help and did another mini cleaning of my bottom teeth. I was extremely happy about this kind of treatment, super happy to call them my dentists.
Hunter L.
Hunter L.
16:35 22 Mar 22
Really positive experience with hygienist Roshni Goel. My teeth are quite sensitive and she took utmost care during the cleaning; I didn’t feel much pain even with such sensitive teeth.
Vivek S.
Vivek S.
17:40 19 Mar 22
I am not fan of having hygiene appointments as my teeth are rather sensitive. Roshni Goel, the hygienist at Canada Place, took care of me beautifully by accommodating manual and mechanical clean interchangeably to minimize my distress. And this was highly important given my pregnancy. Going to send my husband to her!
Julia W.
Julia W.
21:37 16 Mar 22
Had an appointment with hygienist Stephanie, the results were amazing and she gave lots of great advice.
18:56 15 Mar 22
Went for the Diamond polish. Inga, who is the hygienist specialist, was very professional and friendly. It was my first dentist appointment after 7 years and Inga did an exceptional job. I had all the hard plaque/tartar removed, including the stains I had from smoking! My teeth looks all fresh and clean. Inga also provided some great advice as well as providing me with couple of tiny brushes for me to clean areas that are in-between my teeth :) Highly recommend Inga for hygiene clean and polish.
Shah A.
Shah A.
17:36 15 Mar 22
I'm usually a little anxious about dental visits but soon relax when I arrive at Smilepod Soho. Diana at Reception is very welcoming and by the time we have exchanged a few pleasantries Katalin, my Hygienist, is there to greet me.Kati has been my hygienist for several years now and I feel comfortable in her very capable hands. She is efficient and gentle using a combination of ultrasonic and manual where required. I leave feeling reassured that I have had a thorough scale and polish and have been seen by a conscientious and professional practitioner.Katie also gives me important advice regarding my dental hygiene i.e. where I need to do a bit more work/cleaning etc - which I really appreciate.
mimi B.
mimi B.
16:04 12 Mar 22
Bit expensive but worth it! My appointment (Diamond Polish) with Roshni was a really positive experience, she talks you through every step of the process making sure you’re comfortable and telling you what she’s doing and why. All in all, it was brilliant and my teeth feel cleaner and whitern
Izzy M.
Izzy M.
12:16 12 Mar 22