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The most common form of dental restoration. Fillings repair teeth that have been damaged from dental decay, trauma or wear. Fillings restore the structure of teeth that need to be rebuilt after the decayed or damaged part of the tooth has been prepared.


At Smilepod, we only use tooth-coloured composite filling materials to repair damaged teeth. Composite is a special material made from a combination of resin, glass and plastic. It is colour-matched to your natural teeth, blending in perfectly with your smile. Unlike old fashioned silver amalgam fillings, there’s no need to remove any of the healthy teeth as composite is built on and bonded (stuck) to the tooth directly.

We can also use the same techniques to improve the appearance of your front teeth to improve your smile. For any light damage and discolouration, we can use composite to correct issues and cover up defects.

Why have a white filling?

  • Strengthens the structure of the damaged tooth
  • They are an aesthetic restoration that can help with confidence

How are white fillings placed?

  • We first remove the decayed part of the tooth, usually using local anaesthetic.
  • The area is prepared (etched) using a special gel which creates a perfect surface for the composite to bond to.
  • We clean the tooth and dry it, then add a priming agent.
  • The composite is added onto the tooth in layers, building up the structure of the repair to match the shape of the tooth.
  • Once happy with the shape, we harden the resin under a bright light and then we polish it.

How long do fillings last?

While your filling is resistant to bacteria and staining, your natural teeth are not.

Regular cleaning will keep your mouth clear of plaque and bacteria. This will make sure your filling will last for as long as possible. You should also avoid biting directly onto the filling as composite isn’t as strong as tooth enamel.

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