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What happens during a dental examination at Moorgate?

Moorgate Smilepod takes you through what to expect at your first dental examination

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The first time you visit a Smilepod dentist in London Moorgate or any of the central London Smilepod studios for a dental examination it’s best to arrive 5 minutes early to fill in a short medical questionnaire. This is so we know about any allergy or concern so we can provide the best possible care.

On arrival you will be greeted by Stephanie our Moorgate Studio Manager or Sue (pictured below left), who can provide you with more information about your treatment. Both will put you at your ease and be happy to answer any questions you might have.


One of our friendly dentists, Liliane, (pictured right) Ilze, or Gino will collect you from the waiting area and ask you about anything that concerns you about your teeth or any wishes you may have. The dentist will also ask you a few questions, for example if you smoke or drink acidic fruits drinks. This helps our dentists give you the best advice to suit your lifestyle.

The next step is a visual check of head and neck. The dentist will check for any swellings on your cheeks, neck or facial muscles to ensure you have no infection. The dentist will then ask permission to lie you back in the dental chair to start checking your gums and teeth.

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After a full examination with a small mouth mirror and a fine instrument called a dental probe the dentist may (if required) take X-rays to check if there is anything that couldn’t be seen during the visual check. After these investigations the dentist will be able to determine if any treatment needed.

The examination is completely painless so there is no need to be concerned. If you have any questions or feel worried ask your dentist to stop at any point. The dentist will then talk to you about your examination and findings. If there is the need for further treatment we will provide a personalised ‘treatment plan’ which will include full information about your treatment and fees. You will  have the chance to discuss all the findings and treatment options with your dentist.

At Smilepod we consider the dental examination one of the most important part of the dental care we can provide you and look forward to welcoming you to Smilepod Moorgate or any other of our central London studios (Bank, Canary Wharf or Soho) for your next dental appointment

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