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Types of orthodontic treatment

What kind of Braces are available.

There are primarily 4 options when looking into orthodontic treatment.

  • Metal fixed braces are time tested devices which bond to the front surface of the teeth and with the addition of wires can create the movement necessary. Their advantages include speed of treatment, easy to maintain, efficient and very durable. Aesthetically they are not the best, but if you are looking for a quick treatment these good option.

Pros: Fast treatment, reduced cost, more control.

Cons: aesthetically compromised.

  • Ceramic braces – These are more aesthetic braces which sit on the front surface of the teeth. The efficiency is almost as equal to the metal braces. The brackets are translucent and wire are white which enhances their discreet advantage.

Pros: Aesthetic, Similar treatment time as metal braces.

Cons: Can stain if client smokes or with certain diets.

3)              Lingual Braces are a nouvelle advance in orthodontics. They sit behind the teeth and are unnoticeable. Lingual Braces function in exactly the same way as other orthodontic treatments but they need longer time to adjust for the patient. Treatment times can be extended slightly however. Nevertheless if a client wishes the route of a hidden treatment this is a perfect option.

Pros: Completely hidden.

Cons: More time to adjust, prices are higher, Treatment time possibly longer.

To know if treatment is right for you is something which needs to be discussed with the orthodontist as this depends on what clients is suitable for and the level of severity of the case. The orthodontist will sit with you and talk the client through all the options explain how they work, what’s involved and time of treatment.