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Rejuvenating & smoothing facial treatments

What do these treatments do?

These anti-aging treatments relax the muscles in your face that have formed lines and wrinkles from repeated expressions over time, for instance the frown lines on your forehead. After a series of tiny, targeted injections, the lines begin to smooth away until, after a few days, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed, youthful appearance and smoother, younger-looking skin.

After the treatment you can carry on with your daily life as normal. There is no real ‘recovery period’, and usually very little, if any, bruising or swelling from the treatment. A few simple aftercare instructions will minimise any bruising and maximise the effects of your treatment.

You can expect the results to last three to four months.

Only the targeted muscles are affected and you won’t look as if you’ve ‘had work done’. The most common reactions are, ‘You look so relaxed!’ or ‘You look happy today!’

So bear in mind, the next time you make that remark to a colleague or friend, it may be because they’ve had a cosmetic treatment!

What is a Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are used to soften or plump out lines and wrinkles caused by the ageing process. These lines can be caused by sun and environmental damage, or poor lifestyle – or simply by the way we use our facial muscles. The anti-aging procedure delivers instant results, with any slight initial swelling subsiding over one to two days. You can expect your results to last between six and nine months.


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