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If you are looking for great dental care in London – come and visit Smilepod.

Our oral care provision strips away the irritations of traditional dentistry. We bring high-quality professional dental care to London with a choice of six central studios and convenient opening times for busy professionals. We understand that you work and make it as easy for our clients to receive the best dental care at the most convenient times.

Smilepod aims to make our clients look and feel brilliant. Our ethos is to make the best oral care truly accessible by removing the need for referrals and offering a range of customer-friendly treatments delivered in an attractive environment.

All London Studios are nearby tube stations and very different from the image associated with traditional dental clinics, with bright, modern interiors visible to the outside with clear (affordable) pricing prominently displayed. You will be welcomed by friendly staff in fashionable uniforms that use plain English and positive language to describe care options.


For a different kind of dentistry Smilepod!


Dental Check-up

Regular dental examinations are vital to ensure your teeth and gums are kept healthy. Includes x-Rays if needed.
Save time and money, book a Check-up and Hygiene combination appointment. Please click here.

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Emergency Appointment – Temporary repair to a broken tooth or filling

Temporary repair to a broken tooth or filling (will require further filling or treatment in the future)

Although a broken tooth or filling may not hurt it is important to repair it quickly to reduce the chances of bacteria getting into the tooth. This will prevent damage to the nerve which may cause an abscess to develop.

Click to see the next available appointments to temporarily repair your broken filling/tooth across all London studios


Emergency Treatment

At Smilepod we know how painful toothache is and are here to help you get treatment to relieve pain quickly.
Please note that you may need further visits to complete the treatment once you are out of pain.

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For a full list of emergency treatments and real time booking click here

    • Dental Examination* £69
    • Emergency Treatment*#** £119
    • Small X-ray (each) £19
    • Panoral X-ray £69
    • Small Filling £99
    • Medium Filling £159
    • Large Filling £199
    • Extra Large / Complex Filling** £279
    • Root Canal Treatments (non specialist)
      • Incisor & Canine £479
      • Premolar £579
      • Molar £679
      • Fissure Sealant – per tooth £39
    • Porcelain Crown or Inlay*1 (depending on type of porcelain) £849-£899
    • Porcelain Bonded Crown1 £749
    • Gold Crown1 £949
    • Porcelain Veneer £799
    • Gold Onlay/Inlay £899
    • Small Bridge £2,249
    • Implant Including Crown £2,849
    • Extraction*# £149–£279
    • Surgical Extraction*# £299–£399

* Includes small X-rays if required.
# Includes medication if required.
** Fees may vary in more complex cases and you will be informed before your treatment starts. 1 Crowns, if required post and core £120.


    • Initial Consultation (deducted from treatment fee) £99
    • Investigation (to establish if tooth can be saved) £269
    • Incisor and Canine (may need 2 appointments – fee includes both visits) £729- £779
    • Premolar (may need 2 appointments – fee includes both visits) £729-£779
    • Molar(may need 2 appointments – fee includes both visits) £895-£979
    • Molar requiring retreatment £979

All fees include necessary X-rays and 6-month review where required. Treatment carried out by Endodontic Specialist dentists. Partnership with Smilepod Ltd / EndoCare Ltd.

Ask about payment plan options for treatments over £250.

Health insurance

Your treatment may be covered by your health insurance provider, which includes:

Allianz, Aviva, AXAPPP, BUPA, Cigna, Groupama, Premex, Pru Health, Speed Medical, Standard Life, WPA, Simply Health Tesco and HSA.


Please inform Smilepod before any treatment starts that might be covered by insurance.