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Mouth Guards & Retainers

Mouth guards help protect your teeth during contact sports and if you’re prone to grinding or clenching your teeth at night. At Smilepod we offer a range of custom made mouth guards and gum shields for you to choose from.


Sports Guard®

An essential item for any sports person, our sports mouth guards are custom made from moulds taken of your upper and lower tooth arches by a Smilepod dentist, so they fit you accurately and securely.

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An essential item for any sports person, our protective sports mouth guards are custom made from moulds taken of your upper and lower tooth arches by a Smilepod dentist, so they fit you accurately and securely. Each custom mouth guard is personalised with your name and comes with a handy storage box. You can choose from various colours and sizes.1 colour 4mm

1 colour 5mm

Striped 4mm

Striped 5mm


Protective Guard

Protect your teeth and investment with our bespoke protective mouth guards

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The protective guard is for up to 2 months if you grind or clench your teeth. This mouth guard avoids the contact between upper and lower teeth, reducing tooth wear and fracture after for examples teeth restorations.

Grinding Guard

Shaped using technology that simulates your jaw movement accurately to fit your mouth and bite.

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This splint is called Michigan splint. After impressions from your teeth are taken by our dentist, the models are mounted in an articulator (a device which reproduce the movements of your jaw) and the splint is tailor made for your specific bite. This splint will help to reduce the activity of clenching or grinding, bringing more comfort during your sleep and stop possible damage to your muscles, teeth and articulation.

Articulated / Repositioning Guard

Specifically designed to reposition your jaw to restore the relationship between the teeth and the Temporomanibular Joint (TMJ)

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Some people might need to reposition their jaw to restore the ideal relation between the teeth and the Temporomanibular Joint (TMJ). Clients who need this kind of mouth guards/ splint often present with symptoms of headaches, backaches, tiredness, migraine and even memory loss.



Invisalign Vivera Retainers
(when not part of Invisalign treatment)

3 Sets Dual Arch £425
3x Single Arch £375


Essix Retainers

Dual Arch (1 set) £299
Single Arch (1 retainer) £219


Fixed Retainers

Dual Arch £425
Single Arch £325

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Further Reading

Gum shields and teeth grinding guards are among the range of measures Smilepod’s professional staff can offer you to protect your teeth and mouth.

If you play contact sports like rugby, hockey or boxing you need expert advice to ensure that your teeth and gums do not suffer lasting damage. A mould of your teeth will be taken by a Smilepod expert to ensure your gum shields fit securely and accurately.

Mouth guards for grinding teeth are also a vital form of tooth protection for people who grind or clench their teeth in their sleep. This troublesome habit can spark tooth damage and pain in your jaw. Break this cycle and protect your jaws and teeth with effective custom-made and fitted mouth guards.

Smilepod offers the flexibility of walk-in services at its three London clinics at Canary Wharf and Bank. It’s easy to make an appointment, and our staff are well-informed, welcoming and approachable.

Advice on teeth protection and the type of gum shields or mouth guards you need is easy to access during a busy working day with our no-fuss, relaxed and informal approach.

Our Smilepod team will make sure your gum shields, mouth guards for grinding teeth or teeth grinding guards are specially-made to fit your mouth perfectly ensuring maximum tooth protection.

Costs are clear and unambiguous upfront so you know exactly what you will pay.

Take the stress and confusion out of protecting your dental health and invest in quality teeth grinding guards, gum shields and mouth guards for grinding teeth.

Enjoy professional dental care in relaxed and friendly surroundings.