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London Teeth Whitening – everything you need to know

London Dentist Dr Gino Castro explains teeth whitening

Dr Gino Castro
Teeth whitening is without a doubt one of our most popular treatments. Everyone looks better with a beautiful white smile and many clients come in to find out more about teeth whitening. My clients are looking for a natural smile but are often worried about ending up with blindingly white teeth! Some are also concerned that whitening might damage their tooth enamel. I decided to prepare this short guide to give you some more information about the process and to dispel some of the common myths surrounding teeth whitening.

Firstly, to reassure you, whitening treatments are scientifically proven to be totally safe as long as they are performed by a qualified dentist. At Smilepod whitening is carried out by one of our qualified and trained Smilepod dentists (I work in Soho and Canary Wharf personally). The treatment will not damage your teeth enamel, nor will it leave you with a blindingly white smile. The great thing about the At-Home Whitening treatment at Smilepod is that you will control exactly how white your teeth will look.

What happens during teeth whitening?

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The procedure for home whitening is simple. First, I will need to see you for a quick, free whitening consultation which will take about 20 minutes. In this initial consultation I will check the colour of your teeth, assess any visible fillings, check your teeth sensitivity and identify the causes of any discoloration.

If you are suitable for teeth whitening, the next step is to take impressions of your teeth. These impressions are then sent to our lab where customised trays are made. On your next appointment I will fit your new trays and explain carefully how to use the whitening gels at home.

Sensitivity and teeth whitening

The only side effect that could arise during the At-Home Whitening treatment is sensitivity. Don’t worry though, the sensitivity is temporary and we can ease any discomfort if necessary. Just let me know if sensitivity is an issue and I will talk you through the different products you can use to alleviate it (including special toothpastes and mouthwashes). This means that even people who have naturally sensitive teeth can benefit from our home whitening treatment.

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I always like to take some time during your free consultation to understand your concerns and treat any potential sensitivity.  During this time I can also advise you on the shade changes we can expect as this varies according to the client. This consultation helps to ensure that we achieve the results you desire from your whitening treatment as it’s essential that we are both happy with the end results.
During the process, I do my best to maximise the effects of the whitening treatment without causing any (or very minimal) sensitivity. Generally, I recommend that clients use Sensodyne toothpaste for a week before their treatment starts.

Sensodyne contains calcium and phosphate which helps to replace lost minerals from the tooth surface. Regular application helps to strengthen the teeth and protects them from potential dental decay and erosion.

If you would like to have an informal chat about whitening, just book an appointment with me or any of our dentists at Smilepod. We can then work together to give you the beautiful white smile you’ve always wanted and leave you feeling happier and more confident.

There are many teeth whitening products available in London. The question is which one is best for you and how will you react to the treatment.

I am available for appointments at Soho and Canary Wharf and I speak fluent English and Portuguese.

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