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Teeth staining & Corsodyl

Dr Ana Polidoro offers her advice on treating stained teeth.

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Did you know Corsodyl mouthwash can stain your teeth?
We often see clients complaining of stained teeth. Stains can appear on your teeth if you frequently drink tea, coffee, and red wine or if you smoke cigarettes, amongst other causes. However, most people are not aware that chlorhexidine gluconate containing mouthwashes can also be a cause of teeth stains.

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Some advertisement campaigns can be very misleading. Corsodyl ads claim to treat gum disease from the very first signs, which make people think their gums will become healthier just by using a mouthwash. In fact, gum problems are caused by plaque – a film of bacteria which forms on the surface of the teeth every day. Plaque has to be cleaned mechanically by brushing and flossing (or using interdental brushes). Should plaque not be removed on a daily basis, it will lead to the inflammation of the gums and bleeding. Once plaque hardens we call it calculus, which can only be removed with a professional teeth cleaning.

Corsodyl mouthwash does help to combat the plaque bacteria which cause gum disease, but it would be best used only when advised by a dentist. In such cases, patients are warned to avoid food and drinks which contain tannins, such as tea or coffee, especially for the first hour after use as to minimize the risk of staining.

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Luckily corsodyl staining is not permanent and it can be removed with a thorough cleaning session, most of the times requiring the use of airflow (sodium hydrogencarbonate powder) used as part the Smilepod High Gloss Diamond Polish teeth cleaning and stain removal treatment.

If you have bleeding gums or stained teeth, your Smilepod London dentist can help!

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