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Strange facts about your teeth

STRANGE FACTS ABOUT TEETH BY SMILEPOD SOHO Did you know that: Human teeth start forming even before we are born. Like bones, their foundation is laid in the womb. The teeth starts forming around six months before you are born!   The enamel of our teeth is the hardest part in our bodies! It is said that human teeth are almost as hard as rocks!   A 100-inch long tower was built comprising of 28,000 diseased human teeth. This was built by a Chinese dentist.   The first toothpaste ever made was a mixture of wine and pumice! It was made almost 5,000 years ago in Egypt.   The earliest toothbrushes had bristles made from the hair of cows and hogs!   While we get two sets of teeth in our lifetime, sharks get a minimum of forty sets of teeth! Make sure you visit your dentist to take care of your precious teeth.   The only living being that does not have teeth as well as jaws is the anteater. It uses its tongue to eat.   While we worry about losing our teeth, the crocodiles keep growing new teeth replacing the old ones!   Dentures were made from teeth of dead soldiers till the early nineteenth century. Later, porcelain dentures replaced them. I have just started Invisalign – any tips and tricks or advice for me?   One of the trained Smilepod dentists at the Soho studio (Dr Luana Fernandez, Dr Glaucia Minei or Dr Danai Voutyra) will explain to you everything in depth what you need to know before starting the treatment. On the fitting of the first aligners they will be going through all the tips and tricks what you should and shouldn’t do while wearing your Invisalign aligners once again. In case you have concerns or questions in the first few days you can always call us on 02072879179 and one of our clinically trained staff members or your Invisalign dentist can help you solving the issue.   I have attachments to be put on. What do I need these what happens during the appointment? Will it hurt?   Usually at the fitting of the second set of aligners we will have to put some little pieces of Composite filling material on to your teeth which we call Attachments. These little blobs are matched to colour of your own tooth and will allow bigger movements as the aligners basically grab on to them. (These attachments replace the metal squares called ‘brackets’ used on the conventional Fixed Braces.) The procedure is absolutely pain free.     I have IPR – what is this?   IPR= Inter Promixal Reduction   Interproximal reduction (also known as slenderizing, stripping, enamel reduction, reproximation and selective reduction) is a means by which additional space is acquired for your teeth.     1. Your Invisalign dentist will identify which teeth are to be slenderized. 2. Enamel is removed from the sides of each tooth, where the tooth comes in contact with neighbouring teeth. The enamel may be removed manually by using a little strip – which is similar to the ones they use at a Dental hygiene clean – or with the aid of a specially-designed dental handpiece. 3. Your orthodontist carefully removes the desired amount of enamel, leaving each tooth with sufficient enamel to remain healthy and sound. 4. In performing enamel reduction, the doctor carefully creates needed space that will allow teeth to be placed so that the bite is improved and the teeth take on a pleasing appearance. 5. Desired positioning can be achieved after teeth are slenderized.   Does IPR  hurt?   The treatment is not painful as we are only touching the outer layer of the tooth, the enamel. Enamel does not contain any nerves and so no discomfort is felt. As only a very thin layer of enamel is removed, no anaesthetic is required. You may, however, feel a strange pulling/pushing pressure during the procedure.


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