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Sports Guards

All you need to knowveronica about sports and your mouth:

Bank Lead Dentist Dr Veronica De Zan talks you through all you need to know about mouthguards for playing sports.

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Play Sports? Worried about injuries. A mouthguard might be just the thing for you.

Do you play sports or are you thinking about taking up a new sport? You might be concerned about dental injuries. Don’t worry, there’s an easy way to protect your teeth while still enjoying sporting activities.

Mouthguards can be used in a variety of different sports to avoid dental trauma and injuries. If you play sports and are concerned about injuries, why not pop in and have a chat with myself or one of the other friendly Smilepod Dentists to see how we can help.

Mouthguards used in sports to avoid dental trauma:

Sports fans around the world are probably already familiar with mouth guards because they see athletes wearing them regularly. Rugby players and boxers use them as well as hockey players and skateboarders. Currently, mouthguards are not common in most other sports such as basketball or football; however that may soon change.


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reports that up to a third of school sports injuries involve some type of oral damage that a mouthguard could have prevented.

What’s more, according to the National Youth Sports Foundation, every year, in the United States, over five million teeth are lost due to sports-related injuries. This is why athletes who are concerned about their smiles sport their guards.


So, if you  play a lot of contact sports or just want to take precautions to minimize your chances of injuries and dental damage, a mouthguard is a good solution

Pop into Smilepod and book a consultation with myself or one of the other experienced Dentists who will be happy to talk with you.


Dr Veronica De Zan, Lead Dentist at Smilepod Bank (located near to Monument, Aldgate and Bank Underground and a short walk from Fenchurch street) discusses sports guards and how to protect your teeth during sporting activities.

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