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Soho dental History

Smilepod story of our expansion into Soho

Our dentist in Poland Street Soho opened back in June 2012 and saw three clients on day one with just one dentist working.

Smilepod Soho was created to be a sister branch to our Covent Garden Pod. Soho can offer all aspects of dentistry including complex orthodontics, fillings, crowns etc and has been fittest with the most high tech equipment available

Soho had to be  completely gutted in order to take shape as a sleek clean and attractive dental pod. The builders were working around the clock prior to launch in order to meet our very tight deadlines and start seeing the eager list of clients on our waiting list.

soho history2

Since we opened we’ve been constantly improving our wide range of services, for example adding Orthodontist specialist treatments and making early/late appointments available for our clients who work in the area and want to visit us before or after working hours.

There’s always something happening in the area, hundreds of Bars and restaurants make Soho one of the busiest districts of London. Oxford street and Piccadilly circus being the 2 main tourist attractions offering great shopping experience. As a plus, we always spot some celebrities on Poland street so we always have something to talk about




18-20 Cullum Street

Canada Place

Canary Wharf
E14 5HX

Jubilee Place

Canary Wharf
E14 5NY

Covent Garden

Relocated to


24 Chiswell Street


56 Poland Street


16 Procter Street