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Smilepod Bank Ec3 – the dental history

Smilepod story of our expansion into the city of London. 

Smilepod bank opened back in 2011 after months of planning and searching for the right location. Smilepod bank was the biggest location we has and the builders took months in updating it from bricks and rubble! Before Smilepod the building was also a dental practice but some of our clients remember a bakery here.

bank histroy 3 copy

It was our first studio to offer dental treatments which evolved our model to include a whole range of dental specializations for our clients.

Bank also contains our sterilization suite and OPG machine (a special x-ray used to get clear pictures of the entire mouth). Opg x-rays are needed for a number of treatments including Invisalign. It’s a far cry from our humble beginnings pictured!

On our first day, Smilepod bank had just two clients and only one dentist (Dr Glaucia Minei – pictured)

bank history 4 copy

We started with small team of three people: dentist, nurse and manager.

Now we have 10 members of team and three pods running almost every day of the week.

We have recently re decorated to make it even more comfortable.

Like all of the Central London Smilepod Studios, Smilepod Bank (off Leadenhall Market) is friendly, attractive and easy to locate no matter where you are travelling from in London. It’s large, storefront window is a great testament to the transparent, bright and welcoming atmosphere you will find in all of our studios.



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