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We offer a sedation service for patients who find treatment difficult to cope with. If necessary, we can organise for a visiting anaesthetist to come to the practice. You will need to organise for someone to accompany you home afterwards. What is conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is the safe and effective administration of drugs that safely relieve anxiety, increase relaxation, make the patient comfortable and reduce pain.

Goals of conscious sedation and analgesia:

  • Maximise the patient’s safety
  • Minimise discomfort and anxiety
  • Maximise success of the procedure
  • Minimise recovery time

Come in on the day of surgery and leave the same day usually within one hour after the operation. Patient satisfaction is very high after conscious sedation – a recent survey of the experiences and satisfaction of patients show that most of patients would have sedation again. Conscious sedation is achieved with intravenous agents ( e.g. benzodiazepines, opiates, other sedative/anaesthetics) usually administered into a vein.

More information is available at https://www.sedationsolutions.co.uk/