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Dr Daiva Pitkauskiene Smilepod’s Endodontic specialist

Qualifications & Experience

Are you a dentist looking to refer?Dr Daiva Pitkauskiene is a specialist endodontist.

Dr. Daiva completed her 3-year post-graduate specialist training at the University of Vilnius, Lithuania in 2006. Moving to London in 2009 she was soon added to the General Dental Council Endodontic Specialist List.

Dr. Daiva is passionate about her profession and is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best possible level of care and treatment. She regularly attends courses and conferences across Europe and the United States. Dr. Daiva was a Specialist Clinical teacher for King’s College London, Guy’s hospital and the City of London Dental School. (Britain’s first private dental school).

Daiva speaks 4 languages fluently. (English, Lithuanian, Russian and Italian) She is always happy to talk to you about any concerns you might have regarding your treatment.

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What is an Endodontist?

Endodontists are dentists who specialise in saving broken and infected teeth. By cleaning and preserving the roots of the teeth the tooth can remain functional preserving the clients bite and smile The word “endodontic” comes from the Greek word “endo” meaning inside and “odont” meaning tooth.

Although all dentists are trained to treat and diagnose diseases of the pulp (nerve), patients are often referred to Endodontist when the case is complicated.

There are situations where a more predictable result are achieved by a dental specialist. Endodontist specialists have higher training and more experience than general dentists. Our endodontic specialist Dr. Daiva has advanced equipment that general dentists may not use. Seeing a specialist endodontist provides the best chance of saving your tooth.

Endodontists are dentists who undergo 2-3 additional years of postgraduate training after their dental degree.

Endodontic Training involves:

    A detailed study of root canal anatomy.  
    Techniques for diagnosing problems.

A specialist endodontist has more knowledge on treating and preserving the teeth than general dentist.

Specialist training allows an Endodontist to have a high level of expertise in :

  • How to deal with diseases and injuries of the dental pulp and surrounding tissues.
  • Dental traumatic injuries
  • Diagnosing and treating facial pain and related problems.

Your general dentist will often refer a patient for consultation when the diagnosis is complicated or when treatment is more difficult than usual.


Because they limit their practice solely to endodontic treatment, endodontists are efficient and precise. This equates to positive experiences and faster healing.

Advanced Technology 

  • Endodontists use state-of-the-art technology. Examples are operating microscopes, digital imaging, CBCT scan, ultrasonic and Ni-Ti rotary instrumentation to treat their patients quickly and comfortably.
  • Endodontists use microscopes during treatment that give very high magnification. This enables endodontic work to be carried out with a very high degree of accuracy. A further advantage is that high magnification allows endodontists to treat the small internal anatomy of teeth without taking away too much tooth structure, or causing iatrogenic damage.
  • Evidence-based studies suggest that endodontists achieve greater successes due to their experience, expertise and equipment.
  • The overall dental care of patients is improved with an endodontist on the dental team.

Dr. Daiva will use a microscope ultrasonics, ultrasonic scaler tips, single-use ni-ti rotary files, rubber dam, apex locator. This equipment means that we have the best chance of diagnosing the problem and saving the tooth.

Many clients are worried about Root Canal Treatment but today, getting root canal treatment is often no more uncomfortable than having a filling. Dr. Daiva is an expert at ensuring you feel comfortable throughout your treatment.