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Welcome to Rejuvenate at Smilepod offering all of the aesthetic treatments under the guidance of professional dentist in a clean and clinical environment.

At Smilepod we offer more than just teeth cleaningwhitening and straightening we also have a range of aesthetic treatments to help you achieve a more youthful appearance. Aesthetic treatments on offer include botox, dermal fillers and lip fillers.

All injectable treatments are carried out by our friendly, professional and fully trained dentists in our clinical environment.

Why choose Smilepod for aesthetic treatments?

• Approved clinical environment
• Same day appointments
• Choice of 7 Central London locations
• Evening or weekend appointments
• FREE consultations and friendly clinical advice
• Discounts for more than 1 area
• Dentists expert in facial aesthetic treatments
• Good choice of appointments


Smilepod FREE No Obligation Consultation (worth £45)

Our friendly and experienced aesthetic practitioners are all fully qualified dental professionals who really understand facial architecture. After a discussion about your wishes, a thorough assessment of your facial area will be carried out to determine the very best course of treatment for you.


At your consultation, our experienced aesthetic practitioners will discuss your problem areas and carry out a thorough assessment of your facial concerns. Having observed your face or lip shape during talking and with various expressions, we will tailor your treatment options specifically for your individual facial anatomy. We will discuss treatment options and what you can hope to achieve, whether you want to smooth out some lines or plump up your lips. There is no obligation to continue with treatment.


£199 -£329

Facial injectables 1 -3 Areas

Smooth away lines between or wrinkles and enjoy a fresher, younger-looking appearance which lasts for up to four months.

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If you are worried about the affects of ageing then try one of our facial rejuvenation treatments. Over time sun and weather exposure can mean skin loses its elasticity can significantly soften these lines to reveal a younger looking you. Please note there is a £50 supplement fee for men on this price quoted.

Dermal Fillers

As skin ages it can lose elasticity and begin to appear creased. Dermal are a range of dermal fillers used for aesthetic treatments with virtually no downtime. Dermal fillers help to provide a fresher younger appearance by restoring or enhancing the lost volume in your cheeks and nose-to-mouth lines leaving you rejuvenated.


Dermal Fillers choice of 3 areas

Dermal fillers restore lost volume in nose-to-mouth lines, marionette or lips

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Leave your complexion revitalised with dermal fillers. Nose to mouth lines will appear filled as our gentle dentists replace the collagen lost due to natural ageing or skin damage. Results can last from 12-18 months. Marionette lines are long vertical lines from the corners of your lips to your chin. These lines can give the appearance of frowning or sadness. Dermal Fillers will correct these lines Marionette lines can be successfully treated with dermal fillers. Fillers are directly precisely into the problem areas to show a plumped up less lined result immediately. The treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary The cost is for one area and additional vials are charged at £199

Lip Enhancement

Dermal lips fillers are used to enhance your lip leaving you with a natural looking fuller appearance free from tell tale lip lines. This gentle treatment creates a beautifully shaped final result with your choice of a subtle natural appearance or a more pronounced augmentation. You will need a consultation for lip enhancement prior to treatment


Initial Consultation (worth £45)