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Teeth Cleaning – improving your health and happiness

Lauren Holmes, one of our London Smilepod dentists, discusses the power of a good teeth clean:


One of my clients has just left my studio a little teary eyed. Not because I have been a heavy handed or unkind dentist or because I have provided her with a life changing smile makeover, but simply because the power of a good clean changes how she feels.

Like many of us, my client enjoys her share of coffee, tea and red wine and hadn’t been flossing twice a day. This inevitably resulted in a build-up of calculus on the teeth and around the gum margin which led to stains, looked unsightly and encouraged a build up of bacteria. This ultimately has had an impact on the health of the teeth and the supporting gum and bone.

As the appearance and general feel of her teeth gradually worsened over time, the client admitted that she lost the motivation to floss regularly. She finally decided to do something about it as she was preparing for a family holiday to visit her sister. She wanted to get back that ‘clean teeth’ feeling before heading off as well as to re-start her flossing and cleaning routine.

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During the treatment I went out of my way to ensure she didn’t feel embarrassed about her situation. I have a gentle approach so she was able to open up and feel comfortable. We talked about the reasons for the build up of calculus and staining and ways she could prevent it in the future. I also carefully checked the health of the teeth, gently probing the gums and explaining the consequences of not removing the calculus regularly. One of the biggest risks is Periodontitis (gum disease) which is a leading cause of tooth loss.

As a dentist, I enjoy providing complex restorative treatments, root canals and aesthetic dentistry. I thrive off providing high quality treatments which make a big difference to the health and appearances of my clients. Having said that, it can be equally rewarding to take the time with clients to help them improve their oral hygiene, both through cleaning treatments and advice.

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The unique thing about Smilepod is that all hygiene cleans are carried out by fully qualified dentists. This means that we are able to discuss and advise on all dental needs including check-ups, treatments and cosmetic dentistry (such as Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces). In our team, we have a number of dental specialists and are very international, bringing expertise from all over the world to the heart of London.

I find that providing cleaning treatments for clients allows me to develop a good rapport and helps make them feel comfortable with me before undertaking more complex treatment.  A clean, healthy mouth also provides the best foundation for an exam or restorative treatment, improving success rates and longevity of the treatments carried out. It is good practice to have a hygiene treatment before undertaking any dental work.

cleaningAs she was leaving, my client told me that she felt like she had a brand new mouth. She also shared how she had previously felt embarrassed about the look of her stained teeth when talking to people. Part of the reason she had been neglecting herself was because of having a small child but the treatment helped to rejuvenate her and motivate her to look after her oral hygiene. A simple cleaning treatment clearly provided a psychological benefit.  After the treatment, I felt that wonderful sense of job satisfaction that gets me out of bed every day. It’s so amazing to know how much can be achieved with a simple clean!

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