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Dr Raj specialist orthodontist offers a number of different types of orthodontic treatments.

Clear Aligners

Aligners have helped move teeth which need minor corrections. Invisalign is the most commonly used, tried and tested and versatile system. The benefits include the aesthetics, easier oral hygiene maintenance, can be done by General Dentists, uses enhanced technology with tooth movement prediction and 3D printing.

The few downsides include the fact that complex movements are more difficult, treatment limitations can be present, patient dependence and overall time.

From £1750 T&C’s apply


Metal Braces

The tried and tested most versatile brace available. The braces we can use extend from Self Ligating Brackets to the more conventional ones. These braces are what most dental professionals would use on themselves and it’s not for the excitement of choosing a colour on every visit! Versatile, most effective, quickest, hygienic and more comfortable are the advantages as well as cost effective.The main disadvantage are the aesthetics, and this can be definitely offset by the speed of the treatment.

From £1995 T&C’s apply


Ceramic/Clear Braces

Innovations in orthodontics lead to more and more aesthetic versions of treatment options.

These made their way to the ceramic braces which take the colour of the teeth and camouflage the treatment. We use aesthetic ligatures and wires to make the treatment more pleasing.The pros of ceramics are they are better aesthetics, and their treatment times are comparable to the metal braces.Disadvantages are few and include the risk of staining when you have the odd curry.

From £2495 T&C’s apply


Lingual Braces

The foremost effective aesthetic appliance. These devices move teeth just as the other braces. Orthodontists have to undergo further training in Lingual Orthodontics to use these appliances. The ones used at our Bank branch include StB, Incognito, 2D and ORJ.

From £2995 T&C’s apply



Initial Assessment: Here we get to understand your concerns, the problems are reviewed, treatment plans can be discussed and an overview of the various brace systems can be looked at.

* Adjunctive Treatment:
* Hygiene
* Fillings and any restorations
* Any extractions if in the treatment plan

Records: Panoramic X-Rays, Models and Pictures are necessary and important before orthodontics. Referrals to any other specific X-Rays may be needed. Please note that the above treatment plans are valid pending the records, and all normal dental procedures for oral hygiene and health are necessary and advised before orthodontic treatment.

Consent: Specific risks may vary between different types of appliances and treatment methods. We will provide you with a concise consent form so you can also review all the benefits and risks with me prior to initiation.



Fitting the braces:Bonding up of the braces takes approximately 30 minutes and includes preparation of the teeth, bonding the braces and placement of the wires. Instructions are then given to you.


Hygiene: Oral hygiene techniques will be explained to you when we fit the brace. Importance lies in perfect oral hygiene and health of the teeth and gums during any orthodontics.

Cooperation: It is important to understand that the treatment is dependent on specific rules. Cooperation is of great importance and our clinical team will be at your aid during the treatment. Monthly review appointments are necessary (every 4 weeks) and we would ask you to honour these appointments to get effective and efficient results.

Breakages: Sometimes, braces may come undone, any repairs will be done by our team, and we will be available for any emergencies, queries and advice.

Diet restrictions: Important diet restrictions, with regards to sticky and hard foods prevent breakages, and a reduction of sugar helps in making oral hygiene much easier to control.

Discomfort: Generally there is some discomfort as teeth mobilise. This is transient and may only re-appear during adjustment phases and can be alleviated usually by off-the-counter painkillers.

Adjustments/Check-Ups: Every 4-6 weeks you will be due to come in for an assessment. These appointments are usually 15-20 minutes.


Debond:The braces come off! The teeth can be cleaned and retainers are placed in situ.

Retention: Retention is part of the treatment plan. It is important that fixed and removable retainers are used to prevent any relapse of any movements. The retainers are imperative to ensure teeth remain where they have been moved, we use both fixed and removable retainers.

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