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Our Specialist Orthodontic team in Bank

Amritraj Singh Jabbal – Specialist Orthodontist
GDC Number: 170889

Dr. Jabbal is a Specialist Orthodontist on the GDC’s register. Raj qualified and completed his training at King’s College London and worked at both King’s College Hospital in Denmark Hill and Guy’s Hospital at London Bridge, where he received his MSc in Orthodontics. He is also a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, where he earned his MOrth degree.

As an ardent believer in life-long training, Raj regularly attends conferences and courses around the world in order to benefit his clients. He has presented at universities in the USA as well as in Europe and keeps up to date with the recent technological advances in Orthodontics.

Raj is trained in all forms of conventional Orthodontics as well as newer cutting edge techniques including aligner technology, invisible braces. He is also trained in more complex Orthodontics which require surgical and restorative procedures. Raj is a member of the European Orthodontic Society as well as the British Orthodontic Society.

Raj also trains Orthodontics at the City of London Dental School as well as the BPP University. He does regular audits and research in his field and has a specific interest in Developmental Biology, Straight Wire Lingual Orthodontics, Gene Mapping and Genetics in Dentistry as well as the Cybernetic Impact in Dentistry.

Bank Team

Being an expert team in Orthodontics means nothing less than the best! The knowledge and experience our group provides is key to our success. At the Bank facility, each and every person has been trained in the art of Orthodontics so that the best possible treatment can be provided, information can be easily understood and obtained. Also, many of us have had braces!

Agnieszka – Our friendly Practice Manager ensures the patients understand the treatments, the booking of appointments are made convenient and dealing with emergencies to ensure the fastest and best possible solution for any issue.

Silvena – A lead dental and Specialist Orthodontic nurse is a perfectionist in her vocation and takes care of each patient and their wellbeing. She ensures Dr. Jabbal can perform to the top of his standards, helping with all the chair-side assistant and making sure the patient feels that much more comfortable when visiting the studio.

Callum – The background man. Dealing with the other aspects of Orthodontics with Raj at Smilepod. Behind the scenes he researches the best and most advanced material on the market, ensures novel ways in enhancing patient care as well as making sure patients get an “above and beyond experience” at Smilepod.

Additional Staff – Shinto, our experienced Orthodontic nurse who helps in the difficult training program Raj provides for Dentists, Onorina, who is eager to learn and an extremely diligent Orthodontic nurse as well as Izabela who welcomes everyone with a smile and makes sure patients always leave with one. Everyone else at the Bank Studio is very versatile and well informed with Orthodontics. Regular Continuing Professional Development courses (CPD) are carried out which helps to build a more advanced studio and Smilepod team.

What is an Orthodontist?

An Orthodontist is a dental specialist who has undergone further training for at least 3 years specifically in the alignment of teeth and jaws after their basic degree in dentistry. The Specialty deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of malposition of teeth and jaws in children and adults.

Why would you need an Orthodontic Specialist

Orthodontist Specialists are usually needed for one of the following two reasons:
A Uneven Smile
An uneven smile is generally caused by overcrowding in the mouth. This can be corrected by expansion and extraction can be avoided.  This correction is usually for aesthetic purposes only. Correcting an uneven smile can be achieved with a variety of braces either clear aligners or fixed braces.

Bite Issues
Crossbite is a common condition where the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth. This can lead to tooth stratification and misaligned jaw growth. It can also create an Overbite where upper front teeth extend out over the lower front teeth. This causes the lower front teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth. A Specialise Orthodontist will expand the arch or manipulate the jaw or arch to the correct shape to correct the problem.