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Meet the Soho Dentists and staff

Managers Statement

Hi I am Angi and I would like to welcome you to our dental studio in the heart of Soho. We have three treatment rooms equipped and ready for dental hygiene, general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. As with all Smilepod locations I have an excellent team of highly qualified dentists, dental nurses and support staff. All the team work hard to ensure you receive the best quality dental care in a relaxed attractive environment.

As with all our locations Soho specialisms include endodontics, implants and periodontal. plus specialist orthodontics.

I am here to help you with any questions about our services. If I have space I will try and fit you in on the same day. I’ll always try and help you strut the streets of Soho with a whiter smile!

You can contact me with any specific questions or concerns I am always happy to help. I am supported in my role by a team of talented dentists. Read more about them below and come and see us in Soho


Soho Dentist – Dr Hygino Castro

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Gino staff
Hi I am Gino one of your Soho dentists. I graduated in 2003 and have been part of the Smilepod team since 2012. Currently I am based 2 days a week at the Soho Studio (Poland Street). My main approach when treating a patient is to provide a friendly service, building a professional relationship dentist /client aiming to help you to have the best possible oral hygiene at home. I want my clients to feel confident and be free of decay, bleeding gums, etc. I always discuss my clients any concerns so I can identify and treat any dental issues. Once I know your teeth are healthy I would be happy to discuss cosmetic dentistry. I love helping clients to whiten their teeth and feel more confident. I have also trained in facial aesthetics so if you are interesting in anti ageing treatments get in contact. What I find most rewarding about my profession is the ability of giving someone the gift of a natural, beautiful and healthy smile. For full biography click here.


Soho Dentist – Dr Helia Barbeitos

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helia staff
Hi I am Helia one of the dentists at Smilepod. I am very experienced in all aspects of dentistry including restorative and cosmetic. My special interest is in orthodontics and I am passionate about helping more difficult cases.
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Soho Dentist – Dr Cris Diaz
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kri diaz soho


Hi my name is Cris and I work at Smilepod Soho and Canary Wharf. I am very happy to reassure more phobic clients and I will always do my best to help any clients with fears. i am very reassuring as a person and gentle in all aspects of dentistry.  I am passionate about educating my clients so you can improve your oral health regime and prevent dental problems. I am non-judgemental and friendly at all times. Cris is also undertaking her implant course to further develop her knowledge.  Book with Cris in Soho on Tuesday and Thursdays
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Soho Dentist – Glaucia Minei
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Hi I am Glaucia. I became a dentist because I always enjoyed looking after people. Building teeth require skill and patience and is a very pleasant job once you can give clients the smile they want.

Saturday is the perfect day to visit Smilepod Soho,without the rush to go back to work. It is so central and practical that you can have your teeth cleaned, checked and whiten before meeting friends in the area.

Soho is a very central and hides a few good places to go- the Institute of Contemporary arts is a short walk, and a few good restaurants in around Poland street. For full biography click here.


Soho Dentist – Jimena Calleja
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jimena sohoMy name is Jimena. I am from Spain, from a beautiful place up North called Oviedo. I have been in England for over 6 years, enjoying the country, its culture and people.

I have always loved everything related with Science and Medicine. My sister started Dentistry before me and she encouraged me to train. I really enjoy my job when I see patients leave the studio with a smile, feeling confidence. One of my biggest rewards is when my patients return to my studio just to thank me for my services. The trust my patients show is a priceless feeling that comes with an immense responsibility. This motivates me to expand my knowledge and continuously improve my skills.

If you are nervous about dentists come to Smilepod. Our philosophy is all about communication and trust. Everything is explained in a relaxing environment. Dentistry can be painless.

Soho is a great locations as you can go shopping, take a coffee or even have a cultural day going to the National Gallery or British Museum the day you have your dental appointment. How great is that! For full biography click here.


Soho Dentist – Ana Maria Mackinnon

dentist ana mack

My name is Ana Maria Mackinnon, I am Brazilian and one of the dentists in Soho. I decided to become a dentist at an early age, inspired by a close relative who used to looked after my teeth and who showed me that dentistry can be pleasant and painless.

After nearly 15 years dentistry is still a passion for me. I am delighted  that through my gentle and confident approach I am able to change the way many people, even some of the most nervous, view and dread a visit to the dentist

Soho is in central London, close to London’s main tourist attractions and one of the busiest street for shopping. I look forward to seeing you soon.



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