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Sam Chapman’s tooth straightening story

Sam is currently undergoing Invisalign treatment at Smilepod. You can stay up to date with her progress by clicking on any of the thumbnails below:

  • 26th April 2012

  • 17th May 2012

  • 17th July 2012

  • 7th Sep 2012

  • 3rd Nov 2012

  • 12th Nov 2012

  • 16th Jan 2013

  • 20th March 2013
  • 12-jun
    12th June 2013

Further Reading

Innovative teeth straightening in London is offered by Smilepod’s dental hygiene experts alongside their teeth whitening and teeth cleaning services.

The perfect smile you have always wanted is easier and more comfortable than you think through the Invisalign system – an exciting and fun alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign in London works through a series of almost invisible braces – or aligners – which you remove to eat, drink, floss and brush. Change them every two weeks for a new set and your teeth will move gently into the position you desire.

Each aligner is individually made to fit perfectly and this system gives you teeth straightening in London which won’t impact on your lifestyle in the way some people report that traditional teeth braces often do.

Our expert, qualified staff can ensure that you get the best advice at an initial free consultation. A fixed price will then be agreed for your teeth straightening treatment so you know exactly what you will be paying overall.

Teeth straightening in London is offered at Smilepod’s five clinics – at Bank, Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, Moorgate and Soho.

Our specialist staff manage Invisalign in London for Smilepod – meaning that you are in safe hands. Our clinics are warm and welcoming with the relaxed informal feel of a beauty salon – removing any fear you may have of treatment in a traditional dental hygienist or dentist’s room.

There are no drills and no pain and you can enjoy wearing Invisalign in London knowing that you are moving close to a more even and confident smile.


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