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Holborn – great reasons to visit

All of our Smilepod studios are committed to providing great customer service and the best possible standard of dental care. We are committed to putting a smile on the face of Londoners, one teeth clean at a time!

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Our Holborn dentist boasts the largest studio window and is the first location to launch our new range of rejuvenation treatments.

Holborn has a unique team of qualified and long standing dentists, who are known for their welcoming approach and ability to put even nervous clients at ease.  The best reason to visit Holborn is that you will leave with a brighter healthier smile and if you choose, a revitalised complexion.

What is unique about Holborn Smilepod

Holborn is the first of our studios to have an orthodontic focus  –  getting perfectly straight teeth just became really easy. Holborn sees the first launch of rejuvenate at Smilepod offering anti-aging treatments under the care of our qualified dentist prescribers. Dentist are the ideal professionals for carrying out facial injectables due to their skill in working with small areas in your mouth, intensive training programs and holistic approach. Dentists can also advise and prescribe.

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Holborn will be open evenings, early mornings and weekends offering all your dental or aesthetic treatment requirements.

Holborn Smilepod is perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants straighter teeth with two orthodontists available
  • Those who feel their smile is looking stained and want a clean up
  • Getting your smile looking healthy and whiter
  • Anyone experience tooth ache or dental pain. We will do our best to see you on the same day
  • Anti aging treatments such as Botox/fillers offered by healthcare professionals
  • Local businesses interested in staff packages (get in touch for more details)
  • Lunchtime, evening and Saturday appointments
  • A beautifully designed clean and friendly dental environment
  • Anyone who wants advice on their teeth and smile

If you are in Holborn, drop in and let us put a smile on your face.



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Canada Place

Canary Wharf
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