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Holborn dentist – the story

Our newest studio in Holborn is open and taking new clients right now!

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Due to growing demands on other central London locations such as our Soho studio and nearby Covent Garden studio it was clear there was a need for another accessible dentist between the West End and the City of London.


Smilepod Holborn aims to help workers keep their teeth and gums healthy without having to take time off work or wait for weeks for an appointment. Our Holborn dentist will offer lunchtime and evening appointments.

Two of our specialist orthodontists, Dr Helia and Dr Claudia, will both be bringing their orthodontic know-how to Holborn giving all the West End the option of great teeth straightening and high quality care. Dr Ana Polidoro will be bringing her extensive knowledge of dentistry and a passion for rejuvenation including facial injectables and lip enhancements.

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Our talented team of dentists will be supported by our caring dental nurses and manager Ramona all of whom are passionate about providing you with a relaxed experience and access to great dental care.

Like all of the Central London Smilepod Studios, Holborn is friendly welcoming and filled with smiley staff who love their jobs and take pleasure in making you smile. The studio is scrupulously clean and fully equipped for dentistry and facial rejuvenation. Our large storefront window is a great testament to the transparent, bright and welcoming atmosphere you will find in all of our studios.


18-20 Cullum Street

Canada Place

Canary Wharf
E14 5HX

Jubilee Place

Canary Wharf
E14 5NY

Covent Garden

Relocated to


24 Chiswell Street


56 Poland Street


16 Procter Street