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Gum recession

Dr Carine discusses gum recession.

Healthy gums are coral pink in colour and firm around the teeth, although there may be variation in their appearance due to a difference in thickness, teeth position and intrinsic pigmentation.

Gum recession is when the roots of the teeth are exposed, it looks like the teeth are enlogating. It is when the gingival tissues are located more towards the apexes of the teeth roots.

It is common in people with good level of oral hygiene or in people with precarious habits of toothbrushing and is significantly more prevalent, extensive and severe in elderly people.

Many are the etiological factors related to gum recession:

– The inflammatory process as consequence to the bacteria present on the dental plaque.

– A scrubbing and fierce brushing technique with hard bristles tooth-brushes.

– Some genetically inherited characteristics such as a high insertion of the labial frenum, thin and narrow gum tissue.

– Non-aligned teeth, or teeth with gross restorations and overhangs due to build-up of plaque and calculus in these areas.

– A traumatic occlusion and parafunctional habits such as grinding and clenching.

Receded gums do not grow back to their original position but we can apply measurements to stop them receding any further. It is very important that people seek professional help and advice.
Dentists can review the diagnosis specific to each client and determine the best preventative methods and elaborate a treatment plan.


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