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Five facts about bad breath…

Bad breath is something most people have experienced but what do you really know about the causes? At Smilepod we reveal five things you need to know about bad breath

Bad breath causes

1 It’s common
Bad breath is nothing to be ashamed of- it affects one in four people regularly and, for the most part, is very easy to treat.

2. It’s often food related
Bad breath usually occurs when small pieces of food are stuck in the teeth. An unpleasant odour is released as bacteria begin to break down these pieces of food.

3. You can detect it yourself
Understandably most people would be uncomfortable asking someone if you’ve got bad breath, here’s a tip: lick your wrist and wait a couple of minutes for the saliva to dry. Once dry you should be able to smell for yourself.

4. Garlic and cigarettes are common culprits
As anyone who’s been on a date will know, bad breath is sometimes caused by the types of food you are eating. Strong smelling foods such as onion, garlic and spices will take longer to digest so an odour will remain. Cigarettes and alcohol will have a similar effect.

5. It can suggest dental problems
Bad breath can be a sign of a number of medical conditions including gum disease, dental cavities, dry mouth or an oral yeast infection. Sometimes illnesses in other parts of the body can cause bad breath including gastrointestinal, liver and kidneys problems. If you are concerned, give us a ring and we will be able to advise you.

bad breath causes 2

Regular hygiene cleans can keep bad breath at bay so if you are worried then just book into one of our seven Central London dental studios and we will advise you on oral health techniques and leave your teeth clean and fresh

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