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Refering patients for endodontic treatment


I will always try and see your patients within 5 working days. If you have an urgent case please clearly mark this and I will try to see them sooner.

Endodontic Referrals

Postal Referrals

Write to me at: Endodontist@smilepod  Smilepod Moorgate 24 Chiswell Street London EC1Y 4TY

Please ensure you include all the relevant information including X-Rays and let the patient know that my team will contact them.  I recommend you print and complete our referral form.  Please inform the patient that the referral is on a private basis. A recent radiograph should be sent to Endodontist@smilepod.co.uk prior to the appointment.

Email Referrals

Please email me a completed copy of the referral form. Please also attach any X-Rays etc and inform the patient.

Online Referrals

Please complete and submit this form. One of my team will contact you ASAP to book your patient in.

Referral Appointments

Consultation appointments are not always necessary for patients referred by a dental practitioner although we are happy to make one if you wish. We normally recommend a consultation appointment before re-treating a tooth that has previously failed.

Your patient will be contacted by telephone and an appointment scheduled, they will be provided with directions and an estimate of cost.

Patients will always be returned to the referring practitioner at the end of endodontic treatment for the definitive restoration of the tooth.