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Dr Anju – specialist periodontist London

Dr Anju Kumar is Smilepod’s specialist peridontist and treats from our Bank studio in the City of London. Anju is also able to see clients for periodontal consultations at Jubilee Place Smilepod. Anju qualified from the University of Birmingham in 2004, and followed this with a year working as a Senior House Officer at GKT Dental Institute.

She then spent several years working in general practice during which time she also worked as a clinical teacher in dental radiography and radiology at Guy’s Hospital. After this she embarked on a specialist training program in Periodontology based at Guy’s Hospital where her interest lies in the diagnosis and management of periodontal conditions.

Dr Anju’s practise is limited to periodontics, as such she has extensive experience in treating periodontal disease and working with clients to save the teeth. Dr Anju can see your patient for debridement, root planning and deep scaling initially.This is usually when patients present with pocket depth shallower than 4-5mm. Following treatment she will refer the patient back to you to re-evaluate.

For more severe periodontal cases such as pocket depths greater than 5-6mm, with bleeding upon probing your patient will need further treatment. This will indicate the gum disease is still active and your patient is at risk of bone loss, particularly in molar teeth if the roots have been exposed. If a patient presents with these symptoms periodontal surgery is likely to be needed.Dr Anju will discuss all options with you and your patient to provide the best possible care,

Dr Anju is happy to discuss any cases before commencing treatment and always provides her referring dentists a full report after treatment is completed.

Referrals can be made using our referral form

As a periodontist she can help you and your patient with:

Root Planning
Gum surgery