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Diamond Combination – next appointments

Welcome to our live booking system showing you the next available appointments for your Diamond Combination across all of our London dental studios.

We have paired our High Gloss Diamond Polish with a Dental check-up to save you money and keep your teeth sparkling.

During your check-up your dentist will check your teeth and gums looking for signs of decay. they will take x-rays if necessary and advice you of any treatment needed or areas of concern. After your check-up the dentist will clean and polish your teeth so they sparkle.

We use an ultra sonic scaler to remove tartar. We flush out bacteria and deposits frombelow the gum with water. Then we gently hand scale removing any small pieces of build-up missed during the ultrasonic
treatments. This is followed with an air flow for efficient and faster stain removal. Finally, the diamond polishing paste with minute particles of diamond for that silky smooth finish for a perfect smile.

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