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Dermal Fillers – London

Dermal Fillers
As skin ages it can lose elasticity and begin to appear creased. We have a range of dermal fillers for aesthetic treatments with virtually no downtime. Dermal fillers provide a fresher, younger looking appearance by restoring or enhancing the lost volume in your nose to mouth lines or Marionette lines. (puppet lines) You will see the benefit of treatment immediately and results will last up to 12 months.

Lip fillers are used to enhance your lip leaving you with a natural looking fuller appearance free from tell tale lip lines. This gentle treatment creates a beautifully shaped final result with your choice of a subtle natural appearance or a more pronounced augmentation. Our qualified meticulous dentists will carefully shape and plump your lips to create a fuller appearance. You will be informed at all stages so you can get a result you love.

These treatments should only be administered by a qualified dentist or doctor following a consultation to ensure you are suitable.

What is the process

It is essential to attend a FREE consultation before any of our rejuvenation procedures so we can fully understand what your wants and needs are. Our expert dentists can also explain to you what is achievable and recommend treatments for the best results. During the consultation we encourage you to ask any questions you might have and which areas you want to focus on. Following your consultation your dentist will provide a bespoke treatment plan for you. If you are happy with this you can then begin your treatment. At your consultation our experienced aesthetic practitioners will discuss your problem areas and carry out a thorough assessment of your facial concerns.Having observed your face or lip shape during talking and with various expressions, we will tailor your treatment options specifically for your individual facial anatomy.We will discuss treatment options and what you can hope to achieve, whether you want to smooth out some lines or plump up your lips.There is no obligation to continue with treatment


Facial Consultation (worth £45)

Our friendly and experienced dentists really understand facial architecture. After a discussion about your wishes, a thorough assessment of your facial area will be carried out to determine the very best course of treatment for you. You are under no obligation to proceed with treatment


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Lip Enhancement 0.5ml

A subtle lip enhancement with 0.5ml vial. Clients must have attended a FREE consultation first.


Lip Enhancement 1ml

A fuller lip plumping treatment. Clients must have attended a FREE consultation first.


Nose to Mouth or Marionette 1ml

Replace lost volume in Nose to Mouth or Marionette area.



Before & After Treatment 

dermal fillers

Advanced Dermal Fillers



Cheek, Chin, Jawline, Tear trough, Temple

Ask about Skin boosters (hydrating micro-injections) from £249

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Do these treatments hurt

Dermal Fillers are less invasive than traditional surgical procedures, so much more comfortable for customers. We will apply numbing gel to the areas to minimise discomfort but it is a little uncomfortable.

Does it take time to recover?

Dermal Fillers allow you to get on with your daily life straight after treatment. There is no real ‘recovery period’, and usually very little, if any, bruising or swelling. Simple aftercare will minimise any small treatment marks and maximise the positive effects of your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your circumstances. When you come for your initial consultation your treatment plan will be specific to you. Some customers will need one or two areas to be treated, while some may need more, similarly the need to return for further treatments will be discussed.