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Dentists at London Moorgate EC1

Smilepod Moorgate has a team of qualified friendly dentists, dental nurses and specialists. Our specialists include endocare, implants and periodontal. Moorgate is proud to have our specialist endodontist Dr Daivia. 

At Moorgate, our manager Stephanie is responsible for your Smilepod experience from your first visit to aftercare. Stephanie is passionate about hygiene techniques and will happily share tips and tricks about brushing techniques and good oral hygiene.She is currently studying for her hygienist qualification and is always happy to share her expertise. If you have any feedback on your experience or just want to discuss options she is always happy to talk to you.

Come and visit us at Smilepod Moorgate where we offer a personalized approach to Dentistry and work with our clients to provide you with the care you need.

Our dentists in Central London Moorgate are:

Moorgate Lead Dentist – Dr Liliane Dolavale
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dr lilane dolavale“Hi I am Liliane your friendly Moorgate dentist! Even when I was young I always wanted a job related to care, where I could listen and help others. I was exposed to Dentistry at a very young age. My Dads brother is restorative Dentist and showed me the beauty of the job and how you can change people’s lives. I then decided to specialize in prosthodontics and material science. I also have a holistic and Conservative approach to dentistry. I love being a part of them Smilepod team and consider myself lucky; the team in Moorgate is outstanding. The treatment starts at reception when patients come in, tour manager Stephanie is freindly and will make sure you are comfortable. The friendliness and kindness of the team makes the journey to the dental chair relaxing. Come to see us in Moorgate you won’t regret it ”
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 Dr Italo Moraes
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italo moorgate

“Hello I am Italo and another one of the Brazilian dentists at Smilepod! Being a dentist can be such a rewarding and fulfilling job. Especially when a strong rapport and connection is built between patients and the professional.

I perceive dentistry as an opportunity to guide and restore the wellbeing of my patients. Having a healthy and beautiful smile can bring happiness and improve the self-image of people. My daily satisfaction at work is to be able to build trustful relationships with patients. Unfortunately many patients have developed traumas, anxieties and fears about going to the dentist and my mission is to reduce these anxieties and ultimately remove them completely. In my opinion, there is no more room in dentistry today for paternalist/authoritarian postures. As a dentist I strive to be more like a guide, or a friend, being co-responsible for the patient’s oral health. At our Moorgate Studio, you will feel as comfortable as possible without the sensation of being at a “traditional dentist”. We do our best to be on time, conveniently easy to access and deliver the best services. Try us and check it out for yourself.”. For full biography click here. 


Dr Albine Schmitz
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dr albine

“Bonjour! I am Albine your friendly french dentist. I have loved teeth since i can remember. I really liked the experience I had with dentistry when I was young seeing how important a good smile is to confidence even in our teenage years.

I love the medical side of my job and the fact that this is challenging. Patients can be nervous, not willing to come to see us. Reassuring, talking and contact with patients is what I like. I like the manual skill we have to develop. I don’t feel like I am working when I am with a patient.

In Smilepod we work with new instruments, new techniques . We give the patients the best in a nice, friendly atmosphere. For full biography click here. 



Dr Juliana Hughes

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`’I used to love going to the Dentist as a child I had a really good rapport with my Dentist. I use to watch as she treated my brother and sister and at that moment I decided I would like to become a dentist. I love interacting with people and fulfilling their needs, nothing gives me more happiness then a happy patient especially nervous patient. The environment at Smilepod Moorgate is wonderful due to all the lovely and friendly staff.`’


Dr ­­Daiva

Daiva Endodontist

“I’m Davia. I have always wanted to become a Doctor after seeing my mum’s sister who is a cardiologist. When I was 16 I decided to study Dentistry and never changed my mind or thought of doing anything else. I like helping people and relieving pain. I feel I I have a calling for Dentistry. Straight after graduation I decided to specialize in endodontics because of the precise and defined nature of the treatments and the ability to get people out of pain.”

Dr Ilze Van Der Merwe
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dr ilze
Dr Ilze Der Merwe joined Smilepod as our first South African dentist so far and has quickly become exceptionally popular. Ilze has been practising dentistry for over ten years and still never tires of taking training and new courses. Ilze recently won the record for the most Invisalign cases out of all our Smilepod dentists. She is passionate about both cosmetic and restorative dentistry and will always go the extra mile for her clients. Ilze is available at Moorgate on Wednesdays and Fridays and she also works in our Canary Wharf studio. For full biography click here.





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