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Dentist Covent Garden – Meet the team

On the approach to Smilepod Covent Garden you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s another independent boutique oozing with charm and style. It’s a stone’s throw away from some of London’s best shopping streets and only round the corner from the historic and charming Covent Garden market. What better excuse to spend a day out in the West End than treating yourself to one of Smilepod’s famous cleaning or cosmetic dental treatments.

Like all of our studios, as soon as you enter you will be greeted by one of our smiling studio managers. Here in Covent Garden, Studio Manager Ramona will put you immediately at ease with her friendly and helpful manner.

Covent Garden can help with all your hygiene (teeth cleaning) teeth whitening and Invisalign needs. For dental work our Soho studio is nearby and happy to help.

The talented Covent Garden dental team are:

Covent Garden Dentist – Dr Claudia Calleja

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Claudia joined Smilepod a year ago and works as one of our friendly dentists while studing for her postgraduate. A native Spanish speaker she will be more than happy to explain your treatment options in Spanish or English. Claudia enjoys all aspects of dentistry but has a particular passion for orthodontics. She would be more than happy to see clients who want to know more about Invisalign or just for a general chat on the benefits of straight teeth. Claudia is available for bookings in Covent Garden on Tuesdays and Fridays
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Covent Garden Dentist – Dr Helia Barbeitos
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helia staff
Dr Helia joined Smilepod two years ago. She is our only native Portuguese speaker and often is requested by those who don’t have English as a first language. Helia is very experienced in all aspects of dentistry including restorative and cosmetic. Her special interest is in orthodontics and Helia is passionate about helping more difficult cases. She accepts both Invisalign consultations and specialist orthodontic consultations at Soho, Bank and Covent Garden.  Helia is available at Covent Garden Thursdays and Saturdays
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Covent Garden Dentist – Dr Jimena Calleja
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Jimena has worked in both NHS and private dental practises prior to joining Smilepod. Observant readers will notice her and Claudia are sisters both of whom share a passion for dentistry. Jimena has a particular interest in pain prevention and is happy to advise clients concerned about gum disease or toothaches. Jimena is passionate about promoting and teaching the best oral hygiene techniques to ensure that teeth remain healthy. Jimena would be happy to see clients on Wednesdays at Covent Garden For full biography click here


Covent Garden Dentist – Dr Vera Da Silva
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Vera is a recent addition to the team and works at Canary Wharf, Moorgate and Covent Garden. Her calm and friendly nature has already seen her build up a loyal fan base across all our sites. Vera loves all aspects of dentistry from whitening to fixing Crowns and veneers. For Vera her passion lies in building lasting relationships with clients so she can help them to have more confidence. Vera is particularly recommended for anyone who is nervous about visiting the dentist due to her gentle approach.
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Covent Garden Dentist – Dr Nori Perez
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Nori is our newest member of the Smilepod team and works across all suites as cover. She can be requested at most locations and will always go out of her way to see her clients. Nori is exceptionally friendly and welcoming and takes great pleasure in seeing her clients leave happy. She is passionate about promoting good oral hygiene, regular dental examinations and firmly believes with dentistry prevention is better than cure. Nori will be happy to share tips and techniques.
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