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Dental team – Jubilee Place Canary Wharf


Managers Statement

Magda Dental nurse

Hello and Welcome to Smilepod! I am delighted to tell you a little bit about us, and explain you what we do introduce you to my talented dental team.

My name is Magda and I, together with my amazing dentists, run Smilepod Jubilee Place Studio in Canary Wharf. I am most likely the first person you encounter when you walk in to Smilepod, and I am here to ensure that your experience with dentistry is as good as it could be, and that you are well taken care of from the minute you walk in through our door.

Smilepod Jubilee Place provide dental check-ups, dental work, including Crowns, Extractions, Periodontal, Root Canal and Emergency appointments.

We also offer a full range of teeth cleaning and dental hygiene. At Jubilee Place we appreciate how important it is to look smart so we are delighted to offer Teeth Whitening, Invisalign, Orthodontics and Facial Rejuvenation treatments including anti wrinkle injectables and fillers. Why not pop by and speak to our manager Magda about our services?

My job is to make sure you leave with a smile on your face and I am dedicated to making that happen! Without further ado i would like to introduce my wonderful team of kind and gentle dentists.


Dentist – Dr Karen Orempuller

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Hello! I am Karen and I have been a dentist since 1998. I like to improve people’s smiles, their health in general and I also like meeting different people every day. I like Smilepod because I get to help my client improve their health and confidence and talk to interesting people all day long. I am passionate about building relationships with my clients and many of them return to me again and again. My special interest lies in aesthetic treatments: orthodontics, cosmetic fillings (like bonding) and facial rejuvenation (botox and dermal fillers). I am also able to use facial injectables for Gummy Smiles, Jaw Tension, Facial Slimming and Hyperhidrosis.

I would our location because of our incredible customer service and patient care. We are here to listen and help you with any request. We are constantly improving our knowledge through courses and new technologies to offer you the best and most modern dental care available. For full biography click here.


Jubilee Place Dentist – Dr Vera Da Silva

vera jubilee place

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Hello and welcome to Smilepod. I am Dr Vera one of the dentists working in Canary Wharf. I am passionate about caring for my patients and providing them with the best dental care. As we say at Smilepod “Every day you spend without a smile is a lost day “ -that is why we want to make sure your smile will make a difference .

Our team at Smilepod always aims to provide dental care of the highest quality and to ensure that each of our Clients benefit from healthy gums, fresh breath and a confident smile. For full biography click here.


Jubilee Place Dentist – Dr Carolina Rinaldi

carolina jubilee place

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Hello and thanks for reading about me 🙂 I am a dentist and a mom of two gorgeous little girls thus I proudly juggle my time in between my family and my beloved job.

I have always dreamed of being a health professional as a child. I thought it was beautiful to be able to take care of people somehow.  I love it when I can help my patients to feel better about themselves, when I get them out of pain, or when I can successfully restore their oral health (which reflects in their general health after all). I offer an open and reassuring approach to my clients and offer friendly advice with no judgement.

What is great about our studio is that we all think alike: our priority is our Clients’ welfare and satisfaction. Always! For full biography click here.


Canada Place Dentist – Glaucia Minei

Dr Glaucia Minei

To book with Glaucia click here.

Glaucia was one of the first dentists to join Smilepod. She has always been very caring and gentle, and is always shappy to help. Cosmetic dentistry is her interest as well as facial rejuvenation. Working in different locations until late she offers convenience and flexibility, high standards and efficiency.

I love making people look and feel the best they can and will always go out of my way to out a smile on your face. if you have ever considered Invisalign (invisible teeth straightening) why not watch me treat pixwoos beauty blogger Sam Chapman (see video here.) ”


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