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Dental Team at Holborn

Managers Introduction

Welcome to Smilepod Holborn Studio! My name is Ramona and I am the Holborn Manager. We are a team whose philosophy is to provide dental treatment with the utmost care, skill and attention to detail, while helping each client feel comfortable and relaxed.

I understand that a visit to the dentist is not something you are likely to be looking forward to, so from the minute you step through our door, my friendly, professional team will do their absolute best to make your experience will be as pleasant as possible.
You can relax in a modern, comfortable environment, whilst we do the rest using the very latest and most advanced techniques, equipment and materials available, focus on ensuring that your treatment does not trouble you and is painless.

Smilepod Holborn Studio offer a wide range of private treatments from dentistry to hygiene sessions; including cosmetic dentistry, hygiene, teeth whitening, dental implants and facial rejuvenation.


My talented team of dentists in Holborn are:

Dentist – Dr Ana Polidoro
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Holborn dentist Ana Polidoro

My name is Ana Polidoro and I’m from Brazil.I qualified as a dentist in 2004. In 2008 I moved to London and registered with General Dental Council.

I’ve had an interest in dentistry since a traumatic dental injury when I was 8 years old. I am passionate about educating and informing clients about all aspects of their oral health but I never lecture. I want us to work together and motivate my clients to take control of their oral hygiene.

One of my strongest principles is ensuring my clients fully understand their treatment plans and all of the options available to them. I want you to feel in control and know what treatment is needed and why. I will answer any of your questions and hope to demystify dentistry.  I also have a special way with nervous clients, taking the time to gain trust and watch their confidence grow. Giving my clients confident smile pays everything For full biography click here.


Dentist – Dr ­­Ana Maria Mackinnon

dentist ana mack


My name is Ana Maria Mackinnon, I am Brazilian and one of the dentists in Smilepod Soho and Holborn.

I decided to become a dentist at an early age, inspired by a close relative who used to looked after my teeth and who showed me that dentistry can be pleasant and painless.

After nearly 15 years dentistry is still a passion for me. I am delighted that through my gentle and confident approach I am able to change the way many people, even some of the most nervous, view and dread a visit to the dentist

Holborn a great central location for me to clean and polish your teeth and keep you healthy and pain free. For full biography click here 


Dentist – Dr Italo Carpes Moraes



Being a dentist can be such a rewarding and fulfilling job. Especially when a strong rapport and connection is build between patients and the professional.

I perceive dentistry as an opportunity to guide and restore the wellbeing of my patients. Having a healthy and beautiful smile can bring happiness and improve the self-image of people.

My daily satisfaction at work is to be able to build trustful relationships with patients, where most of previously developed traumas, anxieties and fears tend to decrease or even disappear.

In my opinion, there is no more room in dentistry today for paternalist/authoritarian postures. As a dentist I strive to be more like a guide, or a friend, being co-responsible for the patient’s oral health.

At our Moorgate/Holborn Studio, you will feel as comfortable as possible without the sensation of being at a “traditional dentist”. We do our best to be on time, conveniently easy to access and deliver the best services.

Try us and check it out for yourself. For full biography click here


Wen Yen Chans – Dentist 

Hi my name is Wen Yen and I’m a dentist from Hong Kong. I originally trained as a Biologist at the University of Bath. I qualified 6 years ago as dentist at the world renowned University of Hong Kong and have recently moved to London.

Being a dentist is incredibly rewarding, and seeing a once nervous client turn into a relaxed happy one at the end of an appointment is wonderful.

We’ve all heard the saying “health is wealth”, and caring for your teeth and gums is part of it too. So I do hope you will come and visit our studio to meet our friendly team who would be more than happy to help you on your oral health journey.

A big believer that prevention is better than the cure, I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, in which oral health is a key component. I am more than happy to discuss this further with her clients.

Smilepod Specialists

Dr Guy Sharon – Places Implants
If you are missing teeth, Dr Sharon can help by placing fixed implants to restore your smile. Dr Sharon has been placing implants for many years and brings to Smilepod a wealth of experience and expertise.

Dr Raj Jabbal – Orthodontist
Dr Jabbal specialises in complicated orthodontic cases where you can not achieve the desired results with traditional braces or Invisalign.

Dr Anu Kumar
Dr Kumar is our periodontist who works to assist clients who have gum disease. Periodontal disease can cause tooth loss if left untreated. Dr Kumar brings her specialist knowledge and years of experience to ensure Smilepod clients receive the best possible treatment options.

Dr Daiva Pitkauskiene
Dr Pitkauskiene is our specialist endodontist assisting clients who need Root Canal Treatment. Root Canal Treatment is designed to relieve dental pain and to save the tooth from being removed.


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