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Dental Implants – scaling and care

Every patient with dental implants will require a lifetime of careful evaluations and maintenance to ensure implant health and longevity. Once a patient receives an implant, the single most important long-term determinant for implant success is diligent oral hygiene and home care by the patient. The dental professional plays a crucial role in the survival of implants in any practice.

We at Smilepod offer professional Hygiene cleaning for people with implants.

Important Facts:

After osseo integration of the implants has been confirmed and the final prosthesis or restoration is complete, the patient is largely responsible for the success of an implant and needs to understand the importance of proper in-surgery implant maintenance appointments every three months for the first year to help prevent infection or failure of the implant. After one year a mature level of bone surrounds the implant, the interval between maintenance visits can be less. The Dentists at Smilepod Soho will be able to advice on the frequency based on the patient’s general health, assessment of the implant, and home care.

The dental professionals working at Smilepod play a key role in the success of dental implants for the patients by providing the education, assessment, safe implant maintenance and home-care recommendations.

Implant Instrumentation and Debridement

Removal of deposits on the implant should be accomplished with special instruments that are implant-safe, that are unable to scratch the softer titanium implant surface. Instruments not recommended include stainless steel curettes or standard ultrasonic and sonic instruments. Stainless steel instruments, standard ultrasonic and sonic instrumentation have demonstrated damage to the titanium implant abutment.

The special type of implant scalers are available at the Smilepod Soho studio for a safe and professional implant debridement.

A rubber cup can be used to polish the implant surface with a nonabrasive toothpaste or fine polishing paste.

Patients with dental implants and periodontal concerns often need more frequent appointments to maintain oral health. Implant patients are typically scheduled for 3-4 month recare intervals during the first year and every 6 months after that.

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