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Dental Check-Ups and why they matter

London dentist Dr Marcio Barcala talks about the importance of the dental examination or “check-up.” A dental examination or check-up at Smilepod is a full dental examination, including X-rays, if necessary.
Dr Marcio Holborn dentist
A check-up establishes if there is the need for dental treatment and also covers a number of other important areas, some of which are vital to your long term overall health.

First, your dentist will assess your teeth for decay. They will also be looking for evidence of erosion and attrition caused by diet or grinding, or a combination of the both. Your dentist will also offer advice on how to protect your teeth from grinding, and how you can improve your oral health through modifying how and what you eat.

Your dentist will also check for signs of gum recession or gum disease, as this can indicate that you may need to modify your brushing technique. The use of manual and electric toothbrushes, and specific interdental cleaning, will be discussed. With so many different dental products available on the market, it’s an opportunity to find out which ones will suit you best.


The health of your mouth reflects the condition of your body as a whole. A dental examination will not only assess the health of your teeth and gums, it will cover a number of wider health conditions that your dentist will look for. Examples of which, range from vitamin deficiency to early signs of cancer.

Regular visits to your dentist will ensure that many health issues can be picked up and dealt with before they become serious.Your teeth also play a vital part in how other see you. Imperfect, stained or crocket teeth may make a poor impression and this can affect your confidence. Your dentist will discuss any aesthetic treatment you may have. This can range from teeth whitening to a full mouth rehabilitation including prostheses (e.g. crowns and veneers) or implants. Even complex cases can be dealt with by the Smilepod Specialists.
A visit to Smilepod will provide you with a friendly service focusing on your health, pain and any aesthetics concerns you might have.

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