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In chair teeth whitening – Phillips Zoom! explained

Everyone wants a healthy white smile and you can achieve a brighter smile with our High gloss Diamond Polish which will remove stains. However, if you want really beautiful teeth we offer whitening treatments at every Smilepod location. You can either go for the  convenient Zoom! At-Home whitening or the Zoom! Duet whitening giving you an instant result.

Dr Jimena Calleja from talks you through the options

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If you have a very busy life with no time to spend wearing whitening trays at home for a few days, and you would like to have instant results then Zoom! Duet whitening is perfect for you.

It is a UV light (NOT LASER) which we apply in our studios. The appointment usually takes 2 hours and you will leave the studio with a different smile. Zoom whitening is an accelerated teeth whitening procedure. After a thorough teeth cleaning, a powerful bleaching agent created from concentrated peroxide is applied to the yellow or stained teeth. The strong dental gel is allowed to cure under the Zoom light. During this curing time, the bleaching gel slowly dissolves stains and contaminants that are attached to the teeth contributing to the yellowing or staining. If teeth are sensitive after the procedure, a special fluoride paste can be applied to reduce sensitivity or discomfort.

After the in chair bit has been done by the dentist we will give you Whitening trays and gels to take home to give you the best possible results

Does whitening damage your teeth?
The whitening that we carry out in our studios does not damage the teeth at all. The below picture shows how teeth change the colour after the chemical bleaching.

How long do effects last?
This will depend on your social habits and other factors such us tone, value or chroma of tooth. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure whitens both the interior and exterior of teeth that respond well to whitening treatments. Avoiding sugary drinks and other foods and drinks that can stain your teeth is a wise decision. Simple changes in your diet and continuing regular oral hygiene and professional cleanings will prolong your results.

What are you waiting for? Make an appointment with us for whitening consultation! We would be very happy to see you!

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