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Botox and Fillers at Smilepod Holborn

Our Holborn dentist is the first location to launch or range of rejuvenation treatments.

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Rejuvenation or botox treatments have become increasingly popular for clients looking to prevent premature ageing from busy lifestyles, smoking or lines and wrinkles.

If you are interested in tackling facial lines and wrinkles all of our dentists Dr Helia Barbeitos, Dr Ana Polidoro and Dr Claudia Calleja will be happy to offer you a no obligation consultations.

Why Do Dentists Do Botox?
Dentists are the ideal option for your facial treatments such as botox and dermal rollers due to their years of training. Dentist have extensive training in the oral and maxillofacial areas (the face from chin to forehead) Dentist have years of experiences making them ideal at recognising at preventing problems. Dentists do many more invasive procedures in the facial areas than any plastic surgeon, nurse or doctor and on a daily basis and are using to using extremely precise and gentle techniques. The real question should be why not go to the dentist when they have years of expertise in the oral and maxillofacial areas.


Smilepod FREE No Obligation Consultation (worth £45)

Our friendly and experienced dentists really understand facial architecture. After a discussion about your wishes, a thorough assessment of your facial area will be carried out to determine the very best course of treatment for you.


At your consultation our experienced aesthetic practitioners will discuss your problem areas and carry out a thorough assessment of your facial concerns.Having observed your face or lip shape during talking and with various expressions, we will tailor your treatment options specifically for your individual facial anatomy.We will discuss treatment options and what you can hope to achieve, whether you want to smooth out some lines or plump up your lips.There is no obligation to continue with treatment.



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