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London Dentist Soho talks about teeth and diet.

The Soho Smilepod team are surrounded by tempting food all day long. Soho is truly a foodie heaven. However, for your teeth this can be a different story. The Soho Smilepod team of qualified friendly dentists, experienced dental nurses and lovely manager Angi have devised a guide for keeping your mouth healthy.


Cariogenic foods and drinks:

Cariogenic is defined as “producing or promoting the development of tooth decay.” Foods with highly fermentable carbohydrate content and a sticky consistency break into small pieces in the mouth, reduce the pH in the mouth to less than 5.5 and are highly processed.


If you try to avoid these types of food and drink, you will be able to decrease the possibility of caries developing.  If that’s too much to ask, we can recommend a few products to help maintain a healthy pH level in your oral cavity. These include mouthwashes, toothpastes, tooth mousses etc. We also advise drinking with a straw to minimise damage.


Sugary and starchy foods:

Fermentable carbohydrate foods are those that are broken down by the saliva in your mouth. Examples include starchy or sugary foods such as breads, crackers, sweetened cereals, candy, cakes or other sweets.

Products with a high sugar content

As bacteria break down these foods, they release acids. If the pH level in your mouth is below 5.5, the acids will begin to break down your teeth enamel.

Sugar lowers the pH level. The longer your teeth are exposed to a low pH and high acid content, the more likely you are to develop cavities.


Sticky foods:

Sticky foods such as dried fruits, fruit snacks and cookies can lead to cavities because they stick to your teeth. The acids released by the bacteria breaking down these foods remains in your mouth for longer periods of time leading to tooth decay. Foods that break into small pieces can also get stuck and remain in the crevices between your teeth or in deep fissures in your molars for long periods of time causing the same type of damage. To prevent this, try and invest in an electric toothbrush and brush carefully between meals.


d42961ff29393d54cbb1fc58b45c1ebfBeverages usually don’t stay in your mouth very long, but if you drink sugary drinks often throughout the day you increase the likelihood of developing cavities. If your teeth are constantly exposed to sugary drinks, the acids produced by bacteria remain in your mouth, causing decay. Drinking soda, juice or milk with meals and drinking water between meals will reduce your chances of developing cavities.

Other factors:

To try and prevent damage from sugary foods it is worth eating foods such as cheese, fruits and vegetables. These stimulate saliva production which rinses cariogenic foods out of your mouth and off of your teeth. Eating a larger amount of sugary foods at one time is better than consuming small amounts more frequently. This is because it reduces your overall exposure to cavity-causing foods or drinks.

For more information about your diet and your teeth drop into any of our Central London Smilepod Studios.



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