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Dentist guide to keeping a youthful smile

We all want to look young for our age and looking after our teeth and smile is a great way of keeping a more youthful appearance. Here at Smilepod London, our friendly dentists share their tips on keeping your smile young!

Oral Hygiene – brushing and flossing:

Good oral hflossingygiene is vital for keeping a younger looking smile as healthy gums and teeth are what make a smile look beautiful. Brushing alongside either flossing or interdental brushing twice a day will help keep your smile sparkling. If you struggle to floss, ask one of our dentists to demonstrate simpler techniques or else try a Philips Sonicare Airfloss. Smilepod dentists have put together some tips and tricks for effective flossing here.

Brushing correctly:

toothbrush girlBrushing techniques are very important for maintaining a youthful appearance. If you end up brushing too vigorously, you can damage the enamel of your teeth or cause gum recession. To prevent damage, consider investing in a Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush. Next time you visit us at Smilepod, your dentist will be happy to show you the most effective brushing techniques to keep your smile looking its best.

Regular dental checks:
It’s important to visit your dentist once every six months to
ensure that any early decay is discovered. When it comes to dentistry, prevention is always better than cure.  At your dental examination your dentist will spot any leaking or broken fillings or restorations and replace them to keep your teeth at their best.

Regular hygiene appointments:

Make your smile dazzleTeeth will often become brown and stained due to lifestyle choices such as drinking tea. Regular hygiene appointments will reduce the build up of staining and remove plaque and tartar. At Smilepod we have a number of hygiene treatments which are designed to remove the build up of nicotine, tea, coffee or red wine stains. It is good to have frequent teeth cleaning to keep teeth healthy. In particular our Smoker’s Makeover or High Gloss Diamond Polish are great stain removal treatments.

Preventing grinding:
protectionNight grinding, which is often caused by stress, can make teeth appear worn and chipped over time. These imperfections make for an old looking smile. Teeth grinding usually happens at night and can cause pain to the muscles of the face when waking. If you have these symptoms, don’t hesitate to let your dentist know. They will look and assess the amount of wear on your teeth and recommend a night guard to protect your teeth from further damage. You may also wish your dentist to restore damaged teeth and give you back your younger looking smile.

Missing teeth:
Gaps in your smile due to missing teeth can make for an old
looking smile. During your treatment at Smilepod, your dentist
will inform you of all the options available for restoring missing teeth. These
include dentures, bridges or implants depending on the number of missing teeth and your preferences.


If your teeth have a yellow appearance you might benefit from a whitening treatment. Whitening can make teeth up to eight shades whiter giving you a more attractive younger looking smile. Book a free whitening consultation to see if you are suitable.

Crooked teeth:

It’s never too late to straighten your teeth! At Smilepod we offer a range of solutions to fit your lifestyle and preferences including nearly invisible straightening with Invisalign, lingual or traditional fixed braces. Book your free consultation today at Smilepod and enjoy a more youthful smile.


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