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How, when and why to straighten teeth with Clear and Invisible braces

Dr Margi talks through all the orthodontic options available. Margi works at the Canary Wharf studios and is available to see you for Orthodontic consultations.

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Lets admit it, many of us secretly dream of having a beautiful and a gorgeous smile, but seldom do anything about it. So for those who haven’t yet decided to turn their dreams into reality let’s talk about why, how and when to straighten teeth?


Social life
Misaligned teeth can undermine your confidence, make you smile less and affect your personal and social life.

We live in a very image-conscious society and impressions are made within a few seconds. A beautiful, pleasant smile leaves a lasting impression. People who have a good smile come across as kind hearted and gentle. Crooked smile can make a person look cunning and mischievous. Ever seen a movie star with a crooked smile?

All the evidence suggests that celebrities are right to make their gleaming smiles a priority and fundamental to the success of their careers, relationships, personality and attraction. A recent UK survey indicated that a ‘smile’ topped a poll of the most important physical features for attraction. The poll indicated that a smile was rated highly by 56 per cent of respondents, closely followed by faces (53 per cent) and eyes (51 per cent). Dress sense, body shape, hair and height were also measured, with the latter bringing up the rear on 25 per cent.

A beautiful smile is the best makeup a woman can wear and men with attractive smiles are… well, just more attractive…

Improve your Health

A nice smile is not only beautiful, it also promotes good health:

  • Properly aligned teeth chew more efficiently, which may help digestion.
  • Aligned teeth create a better bite, which may reduce stress, headaches, and strain on your supporting bone and tissue.
  • Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to clean and maintain. This may contribute to conditions that cause not only tooth decay but may lead to gum disease and tooth loss.

When left untreated, many minor orthodontic problems may become worse, contributing to abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing, excessive gum stress on gum tissue, and misalignment of the jaw joints.

People who smile are seen to be more approachable, intelligent, collaborative, popular, and trustworthy. Dress to impress and smile to make the impression last…People with pleasant smile are more likely to be hired and promoted and remembered

So many people who are in client facing jobs say that they avoid smiling as they are embarrassed of their smiles. Well, there is no need to shy away anymore.



Train tracks, pain, metal mouth, long duration of treatment are some of the things which come in our mind as soon as we talk about braces…but not anymore… It’s easier than ever before to improve your smile in far less time, with greater comfort and with greater results and benefits that last a lifetime.

You have options of clear braces which are very discreet and due to small profile and rounded edges of brackets are very comfortable to wear. Advancement in orthodontics has ensured faster results with minimal discomfort.

If still braces is a big no no for you..Invisalign is another option for treatment. It is completely invisible and removable. Which means that you can have treatment without the world having to know about it. Yes, that sounds too good to be true..but it is. Invisalign provides you with 3d video of how exactly your teeth will move every two weeks and how they will look in the end.


No matter what age you are, it is never too early or too late to invest in braces and ultimately invest in yourself.

Myths like braces are for teenagers and excuses like I am too old for them now should not hold you back from getting your perfect smile…because your dream smile is only a consultation away…

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