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The Dental team at Smilepod Moorgate

Welcome to Smilepod Moorgate our caring team of professional dentists, hygienists and dental nurses will make your visit to our studio a pleasant experience.

Dr Daiva Pitkauskiene


GDC: 169615

I’m Daiva. I have always wanted to become a Doctor after seeing my mum’s sister who is a cardiologist. When I was 16 I decided to study Dentistry and never changed my mind or thought of doing anything else. I like helping people and relieving pain. I feel I I have a calling for Dentistry. Straight after graduation, I decided to specialize in endodontics because of the precise and defined nature of the treatments and the ability to get people out of pain.”

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Dr Guy Sharon

Implant Surgeon

GDC: 187888

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Dr Ilze Van Der Merwe


GDC: 67739

Dr Ilze Der Merwe joined Smilepod as our first South African dentist so far and has quickly become exceptionally popular. Ilze has been practising dentistry for over ten years and still never tires of taking training and new courses. Ilze recently won the record for the most Invisalign cases out of all our Smilepod dentists. She is passionate about both cosmetic and restorative dentistry and will always go the extra mile for her clients. Ilze is available at Moorgate on Wednesdays and Fridays and she also works in our Canary Wharf studio.

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Dr Ana Polidoro


GDC: 156003

“I see lots of nervous clients and whenever you ask why they are scared. 90% of the time it’s due to a bad experience as a child. It’s a matter of taking the chance on us and we can give you a positive experience. Dentistry has changed so much over the years so it won’t be as bad as you think.”

Hi, I’m Ana one of Smilepod’s dentists. I’ve worked for Smilepod for five years although I did some cover dentistry for a different location ten years ago. I began my career working in Brazil then moved to London about 13 years ago.

I’ve been fascinated by dentistry since I was 10 years old and had an accident and broke my teeth. At the time I had to go back and forth to the dentists’ lots of time and they thought it was unlikely I would be able to keep my teeth. It sounds scary, but I was really interested in how things worked in dentistry and teeth. Due to the skill of the dentist, I was able to keep my teeth so my dentist inspired me to go down this path.

I am especially interested in educating clients on prevention. Prevention is so much better than cure. Most dental problems don’t cause symptoms. As a dentist, I can see these problems and stop them in their tracks. That’s why attending your check-ups is so important to the health of your teeth.

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Dr Margi Bansal


GDC: 256512

Hello. My name is Margi and I am one of the dentist at Smilepod and I specialise in orthodontics.

Since childhood I was a very sincere, studious and hardworking student…..and I always dreamed of becoming a doctor. Thanks to my parent’s guidance and my perseverance my dream turned into a reality when I got admission into a top dental school.

During my graduate days it fascinated me to see how people with beautiful smile were more confident and led a more satisfactory social life. This made me more and more interested in Aesthetic dentistry and Orthodontics. I then went on to do my masters in Facial Orthodontics and Orthopaedics.

Today, I enjoy my work thoroughly and I’m passionate about assisting my clients in achieving a confident smile through cosmetic dentistry and Orthodontics. Also, I am committed to my clients in offering stress free and friendly dental experience and to ensure they leave my chair happy and smiling.

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