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Dr Guy Sharon

GDC Number: 187888 Locations: Moorgate Client Feedback: “I had two extractions, one easy and one a lot more difficult. The Implantologist was very good, reassuring, professional. He put me at ease in a very tricky situation.”


Dr Guy Sharon qualified in 2002 from the Hadassah Dental School in Jerusalem. Dr Sharon trained as an oral surgeon working in two large hospitals in Israel. Here he was responsible for both major and minor oral surgery procedures, including setting fractured jaws and correcting jaw malformations. During this time, he also trained in placing implants, working in several private clinics.

Between 2006 and 2010, he worked exclusively as a private oral surgeon.

In 2010, he moved to London, where he has been working as a visiting oral surgeon placing implants in clinics in Harley Street, Golders Green and the Gingerbread House in Shenley.

He has placed over 2,500 implants over the past 10 years with a surgical success rate of over 98%. As an oral surgeon, he regularly performs procedures associated with implant placement that enhances the success rate of the treatment and improves the aesthetics and function of the final restoration.

These include bone augmentation particle lock (3D Bone Block Method), both open and closed sinus lifts and using the PRF technique to conserve bone following tooth extraction.

He believes in minimally invasive techniques for implant placement which reduces trauma and minimizes post treatment discomfort. In selected cases, Dr Sharon will place the implant at the time of extraction to reduce the time the patient will need to wait for the permanent restoration.

In addition to implant placement, Dr Sharon regularly treats patients with other conditions that require oral surgery. These include regular extractions prior to implant placement where bone preservation is necessary, impacted wisdom teeth extractions, crown lengthening procedures and apicectomies.


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