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The Dental team at Smilepod Canada Place

Our Canada Place Canary Wharf studio (inside Canary Wharf shopping Mall) is run by a team of highly qualified dentists, dental nurses and support staff all working to ensure you receive the best quality dental care in the fast-paced corporate Canary Wharf

At Canada Place, Sheela our manager will make sure you receive the best possible customer service. Sheela is assisted by a qualified team of dentists and hygienists supported by experienced highly trained dental nurses.

Many of the dentists who you will see at Smilepod Canada Place also work at other Smilepod Studios. So if your dentist is unavailable in Canary Wharf do check which other locations they work at. If you are not able to book-in with a specific dentist, don’t worry as all Smilepod dentists are friendly, helpful and highly qualified.

Dr Stephen Nkansah


GDC: 259083

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Dr Hygino Castro


GDC: 227049

Hello! I’m Hygino – known as Gino and I am one of Smilepods Brazilian dentists in. I graduated in 2003 and have been part of the Smilepod team since 2012.

As a dentist, I work conservatively, with minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, and I focus on prevention. My main approach when treating a patient is to provide a friendly service, building a professional relationship with the aim of helping you to improve oral health (free of decay, bleeding gums, etc).

When we meet I’ll always take as long as you need to chat about any concerns and expectations you have so I can identify and treat any dental issues, as well as provide the necessary information to prevent further future problems. I love caring for patients and helping you to maintain a healthy mouth is one of my favourite parts of being a dentist.

I am also passionate about cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. Facial aesthetics options aim to soften the lines of expression (which are a result of ageing skin and damage caused by factors like excessive sun and smoking). What I find most rewarding about my profession is the ability to give someone the gift of a natural, beautiful and healthy smile.

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Cristina Diaz


GDC: 161746

Hi, I’m Cris one of your friendly Smilepod dentists. I’m a very enthusiastic dentist with a special interest in restorative, implantology and paediatrics dentistry. I started in Soho just after it was opened in 2015 and now I split my time between Soho and Canary Wharf.

Apart from English, I speak Spanish (native language) Basque language and basic Portuguese and Italian. For me, the most important part of my job is seeing my clients leave me feeling more confident in their smile.

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Glaucia Minei


GDC: 137156

I have a lot of clients who are quite phobic of dentists in general if you are worried I will work very hard to put you at your ease. I am passionate about making dentistry efficient and convenient but also gentle and non-threatening.

Hi, my name is Glaucia and I am one of the many Brazilian dentists you will find at Smilepod. I am one of the first dentists to join the Smilepod team in 2011. My philosophy is to create a relaxing experience when you come to see me as your dentist. I have a lot of clients who are quite phobic of dentists in general. If you are worried, I will work very hard to put you at ease. I am passionate about making dentistry, efficient and convenient but also gentle and non-threatening. Cosmetic work including whitening, straightening and Botox are my favourite things to do.

The greatest thing about working at Smilepod is the very caring and well-trained team without the feeling of a traditional scary dental surgery. The ambience is very different from any other places I have worked, very enjoyable and helpful. This is the main reason I have worked for this company for so long and believe is also why my clients are always coming back.

I love making people look and feel the best they can and will always go out of my way to out a smile on your face. if you have ever considered Invisalign (invisible teeth straightening) why not watch me treat pixwoos beauty blogger Sam Chapman (see video here.)”

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Dr Fiona Stuart


GDC: 68253

Qualifications: BDS Queen’s University of Belfast 1992

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Dr Ilze Van de Merwe


GDC: 67739

Dr Ilze is an experienced dentist who never tires of taking training and new courses. She is passionate about both cosmetic and restorative dentistry and will always go the extra mile for her clients. Ilze is available at Moorgate on Wednesdays and Fridays and she also works in our Canary Wharf studio

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