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Smilepod Bank brings quality dentistry and dental hygiene to the busy City of London. We have a fantastic range of specialist and cosmetic treatments, delivering the care you need to maintain oral health and leave you feeling great about your smile.

We speak many languages here so if English isn’t your mother tongue, just let us know and we’ll find a dentist or hygienist who speaks a language you’re more comfortable with.

Welcome from our practice manager…

I’m Agni, the studio manager at Bank. Part of my role here is to make sure everything runs smoothly during your treatment with us. We are always smiling here at Smilepod Bank and do everything we can to create a professional but relaxed environment.

I know that a lot of people are nervous about visiting dentists. I understand nerves – but you will feel so much better once you make the first move. You can meet the dentist and me and get familiar with us. There won’t be any treatment on your first visit so it is totally safe and you will feel much better knowing your teeth and gums are being cared for.

About the practice

Our Bank Studio is perfect for city workers who struggle to get the time off to see their dentist. Our flexible hours mean you can visit at a time that’s convenient for you.

The Bank team are a group of fantastic dentists, hygienists, and nurses working alongside two registered specialists. In addition, our team also speak Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Turkish. We are from different parts of the world, different countries, different cultures. But we all laugh the same language and we are one big family!

At the practice

  • Emergency treatments: we provide on-the-day appointments as much as possible
  • Cosmetic dentistry: whitening and straightening
  • Local businesses: we are happy to offer package rates for local businesses; get in touch for more information
  • Specialist periodontal treatment (gum disease)
  • Specialist Orthodontic treatment
  • Lunchtime and evening appointments
  • A modern, professional dental environment
DDA compliance policy

Smilepod is committed to complying with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 by ensuring that disabled clients have the same access to our services as non-disabled clients. For the purpose of this policy, the term disabled may include people with physical and sensory impairments, with learning disabilities, chronic or terminal illness and users of mental health services.

Our management and architects have made every effort to make reasonable adjustments to our facilities, policies, procedures, communication, signage and staff training to ensure the ease of access to our services.

Due to the age, structure and location of some of our studio's access for clients with physical disabilities may be limited. Our studios at Canada Place, Jubilee Place, Holborn and Moorgate are fully DDA compliant.

To ensure our facilities are available to everyone Smilepod will arrange a taxi (at no additional cost) to any disabled client from our Bank studio to our Moorgate studio or from our Soho studio to our Holborn studio a distance of less than 1 mile.

If you wish to use this service, please inform us at the time of booking your appointment so we can arrange for transport to be available for you.

The Smilepod Team: Bank

Dr Anju Kumar


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Dr Amritraj Singn Jabbal


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Dr Veronica De Zan


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Dr Glaucia Minei


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Dr Ana Polidoro


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Inga Lankelyte


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Paula Gontowicz


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Agnieszka Wyrostek

Studio Manager

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Opening Hours
Monday:    8:30am – 6.00pm Tuesday:    8:30am – 6.00pm Wednesday:    8:30am – 6.00pm Thursday:    8:30am – 6.00pm Friday:    8:30am – 6.00pm

From Bank Underground

Take Exit 6, Lombard Street from the station. Take the left hand road – Lombard Street and go straight ahead. At the next junction, go straight over the road and you will see M&S. Keep M&S on your left and take the first left onto Lime Street. Follow Lime St. then turn first right into Cullum St. Smilepod is 20m on the right.

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