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Great for a pre-party boost to whiten teeth or keep your mouth clean and polished between dentist appointments.


Only walk-in spas designed to make your smile beautiful

Star Magazine

For a mega wattage smile worthy of Cheryl Cole ensure that you make regular visits to London’s most stylist dental boutique – Smilepod

OK Magazine

Smilepod is like a dental spa, no drills no smells just a great atmosphere and great treatments.


Have any of you guys tried this place in Covent Garden. Its called Smilepod and all they do is clean your teeth. It does not look feel or smell like a dentist. My hygienist (who I discovered was actually a real dentist) was called Glaucia, she was so sweet and gentle. I am so scared of dentists, they were so gentle and kind and I left there feeling great with teeth that were so clean. I have been ashamed to smile for years. I wish they did real dentistry too. Glaucia told me they were opening in the City and Canary Wharf sometime soon which will make my NEXT visit even closer to my office.


Wow what a brilliant idea a walk in hygiene studio. I was shopping in Covent Garden and I walked past this amazing little place just off Longacre. A walk in hygiene bar. Run by smiley friendly people, no sign of a scary dentist, they do is clean and whiten teeth. Very professional, very clean, very pain free and very reasonable. They are all qualified and very kind. I checked them out on google and touch local before I went in and they have some good reviews. They offer a whole menu of treatments with fixed prices no suprises at the end. My teeth sparkled after my visit and NO ONE TOLD ME OFF. I may even go back and get them whitened after I give up smoking.


45 recently divorced and generally fed up. I decided this week to spend some hard earned money on me. It was time to sort my yellow teeth and my awful hair. First stop was Smilepod, I found them on the net, checked out their reviews online and took the plunge. A free Whitening consultation and a high gloss diamond polish…….Wow my teeth looked good, sparkly clean again…Alice my friendly dentist recommended I got my teeth whitened with the Zoom light, I came back the next day as I was in a hurry. I am so glad I did they went from good to amazing. Next stop legs and hair..maybe sometime I will try the botox too!!!!!!!!

Helena Lunder

I cannot recommend Smilepod Canary Wharf highly enough. The dentist was extremely knowledgable and the treatment was excellent and efficient. She was also very friendly and puts you at ease. The most satisfactory visit to the dentist in years!


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